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Piano Playground, Learn how to play Someone like you by Adele on piano
May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011

The Baby Justin Bieber tutorial is available!
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing


In the past two weeks I've been working on two great tutorials I think you should know about... Why? Because I've been getting constant requests from people around to do them. I decided I'll take a classic one and a really popular one!

1. Baby by Justin Bieber Piano Tutorial

What should I say? I'm not a Bieber fan but when I listened to the song and noticed how groovy it is, I thought why not? Let's make a nice tutorial of it. To my surprise this song has only four chords. This is really great! So if you're looking for something nice and easy for starters this is the one.

Click here to view the Justin Bieber Baby Piano Tutorial

2. I Want To Break Free Piano Tutorial

It's funny but lately I've been busy creating all these mega hits and many of you were complaining about neglecting the classics. So I'm back in the block and we can rock! This time with "I Want to Break Free" by Queen which is such a great classic. Still, it has just a few chords and two of the most common pop grooves in the world.

Click here to view the "I Want To Break Free" Tutorial by Queen

3. What's going to happen next? Besides creating more piano tutorials (And I've got some nice surprises for you :) Ido and me are working on something special. We're creating the complete package for beginners. This is something you've never seen before anywhere else around.

We're going to teach you how to play piano without having to learn to read piano notes but still gain all the basics very thoroughly.

Once you know the important stuff, reading notes will be really easy and we're going to help you cover that with another great book we're working on making.

Finally, since many of you are here for accompanying songs you're going to be amazed with the book we're creating that will teach you to play songs on the piano in a way you didn't even imagine was possible.

So, there's a lot to expect to. We are really enjoying creating this for you and we'll keep you informed about this until it's ready.

Have fun with these cool tutorials. We'll be back with new one soon!

Cheers David

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