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Piano Playground, We're Rolling in the Deep!
June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

We're Rolling in the Deep!
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing


Since Adele is going strong in the world right now and she makes good music that is perfect for piano I decided I'm going to keep up with creating piano tutorials for her hits.

I took three of her biggest hits (And more are on the way...) and created a piano tutorial that fits beginners who would love singing and playing along with her.

1. Rolling in the Deep - Rolling in the deep is a groovy song and so it was interesting to create a piano version to it with power chords. Power Chords are chords that have only the bass and the fifth. Watch it and see for yourself how special it is to play this piano tutorial...

Click here to watch the Rolling in the Deep Piano Tutorial

2. Turning Tables - This is a perfect song for piano. I love the way the arpeggios are being played on the piano; definitely a must for Adele lovers. This one is challenging because of the rhythm changes it contains so I suggest to play it slowly by breaking it to parts.

Click here to watch the Turning Tables Piano Tutorial

3. Someone Like You - I created this one a few weeks ago but since it became a hit on YouTube I decided to let you know again that it's here and that I'm proud of this piano tutorial since I think it's one of the best I've made so far.

Click here to watch the Somone Like You Piano Tutorial

4. For those of you who are curious about my album. I shared my insights with you about creating my own music. Just wanted to tell you we really made a progress and soon I'll post a blog over how things are going.

Have a great time with Adele and we'll be in touch :)

Cheers David

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