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Piano Playground, Issue #0013 --, Free Christmas piano music sheet
November 27, 2009

Issue #13 | November 27, 2009

Looking for Free Christmas Piano Music?
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Table of Contents


1. Check out the "CHRISTMAS KEYS VOL.1" Course

2. We've got loads of new free Christmas piano music sheet

Articles and Tutorials

1. O Holy Night (Piano Tutorial)

2. 12 Days of Christmas (Piano Tutorial)

3. The Christmas Song (Piano Tutorial)

4. Miss you Most at Christmas (Piano Tutorial)

5. All I want for Christmas is You (Piano Tutorial)

Pearls From the Forum and PianoTube

Coming Soon...

1. Complete Beginner Piano Lessons Level Two

After the holydays season we intend to focus on creating the mediocre level for those who wish to learn everything about chords and how to play songs. Most of the lessons are already written in the Chord Section but during the coming year I'll be creating videos for each and every lesson so expect lots of interesting piano lessons in the coming months.

2. Christian Music

During the coming month Ido will focus on making loads of free Christian music sheets for all of you guys who love to praise the lord :)

3. "Don't Stop Me Now" Piano Tutorial by Queen

After creating the "We are the Champions" and "Love of My Life" tutorials I've been asked by many of you to create another Queen tutorial for Don't Stop Me Now and Bohemian Rhaphsody. I'm working on in it :)

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A Few Words by the Author

What's Music

We listen to music every day. When we play piano it seems that our world is fuller and more meaningful. But have we stopped for once to think about what music really is?

Two weeks ago I sat in Dr. Dalias Cohens' class at the Jerusalem Academy for Dance and Music and I was shocked to discover that I couldn't answer her questions straight.

She asked us to define music and we came up with many definitions, some were very abstract.

After all, music is very different from one culture to the other. One of the students suggest that music was made of pitches.

Pitches said Dalia? Really? What about clapping? Can you define the pitch when you clap? Is the pitch of a drum clear?

So we said the music is made out of sounds.

"But we hear sounds outside a musical context. We hear sounds when we walk down the street. Can you call random voices music?

Hmmmm.... I tried my luck... "So, there has to be a connection between the sounds."

"Exactly" she said, "music is a combination of sounds, organized in a certain manner."What if we organize a few sounds in a very strict order of intervals and rhythm. Will it then always be music?

It sounded too boring to define music like this. A friend of mine said... You have to experience something when you listen to music.

And that was it. Music is a combination of sounds organized in a certain manner in a way that makes you feel or experience something.

But Dalia wasn't satisfied. "If I play a piece by Chopin for example... A European who was raised with this cultural music would shade a tear but what happens if an Arab who never heard European music would listen to it. Do you suppose he would experience or identify with the music?

We didn't agree, some said that music is an international language but others recall they heard music they couldn't relate too while other people were really touched by it.

So Dalia said: "If I understand what you're saying there are some conventions or schemes we all learned since we were young by our parents, friends, and the society. These are learned schemes. Yet, there are some schemes we're all born with and these are called natural schemes.

If we hear a certain sound getting gradually louder and then softer we all experience it as a sort of a wave. That's international. So music is made both of learned and natural elements. Interesting...

"Let's talk about sounds for example... How can you define a sound?" "You mentioned the pitch but we already saw some sounds don't have a defined pitch." "Length," Said the student on the back. "You can define a sound according to how long it lasts" "and according to its volume" Said another guy.

That's right. It's easy to say how long a note lasts, define its pitch in some cases and to measure its volume but can you think of something we can't really measure in a sound?

And one girl who was quite during the whole class said that she's never good in explaining the color of a sound.

Dalia was happy. "So I hope you learned today about the nature of music and what it is made of." Music is a combination of organize sound in a way the makes us experience something and a sound is defined by it's pitch, duration, volume and color.

Were relate to music by schemes. Some are learned and some are natural and everyone in the world share the same natural schemes.

I hope you enjoyed the summery of this lecture and remember when you listen or make music that it's all about experiencing. Open yourself to different experiences and be willing to learn more in order to enrich you musical experience and connect with people all over the world.

Remember that music starts with an experience so never spoil your sound even when the notes are wrong. It's the color and the experience that matters the most.

Merry Christmas Guys!

David from


1.Check out The CHRISTMAS KEYS VOL.1 Course

The Christmas season, my favorite season of the entire year, is ALMOST here --- and courtesy of Jermaine and, I have the PERFECT gift idea that YOU or one of your relatives would LOVE to see under the tree (...or better yet, on top of their piano)!

Jermaine just let me know about his brand new 3 H-O-U-R Christmas course, Christmas Keys Vol.1 - "Conquering Christmas Classics, which has just been released.

After he takes you through his UNIQUE song learning process, you'll not ONLY know how to conquer the songs shown in this course but tons of other Christmas songs since most songs follow familiar patterns.

Christmas Keys Volume 1 is LOADED with tons of powerful tips, easy-to-do tricks, and techniques that will have you playing like an expert by this Christmas season - GUARANTEED!

In this course, you'll...

* Learn how to play every song, step-by-step, with no guessing (whatsoever) or any information left out! By the end of this course, you'll have what it takes to fully play all of these Christmas songs by ear!

* Learn several variations of each song so you can play these Christmas classics a different way every time!

* Beginners: How to play an entire song with only three-fingered major chords (...also known as "major triads").

* Discover the power of "inversions" and how changing one note in your chord can totally alter the way a progression sounds!

* How to add fuel to your bass by understanding how "power" chords work in holiday music.

* How to play "Go Tell It On The Mountain" in a churchy praise style! I'm talking about bass lines, runs, fill-ins, and more (...similar to our other GospelKeys courses)!

* And tons more!

Click below to learn more:

Please note: Due to the high demand and moderate supply, this incredible offer for Christmas Keys will only be around for a short time.


...Don't waste time! Order TODAY!

Click here to learn more:

God bless,

P.S. - You might find more interesting information, techniques, or resources just by clicking around on their website

2. New free Christmas piano music sheet

Guys guys guys, We've added lots of new free Christmas piano sheet music. Ido has been working like a devil and even I found it hard to catch up with all the new wonderul pieces he made.

I'm talking about beautiful songs like: Christ Was Born on Christmas, Ding Dong Merrily On High, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleme, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, O Come O Come Emmanuel and many more! All these song are available in 3 different levelfor beginners, mediocres and advanced players. Don't miss the chance to play some of these great arrangements.

Click here to print out all this wonderful Free Christmas Music Sheet.

Articles and Tutorials

1. O Holy Night (Piano Tutorial)

I got many requests from students who were interested in playing this beutiful song. I didn't know it before (Being Jewish and all that) but I fell in love with it after hearing it for the first time and so here it is: O Holy Night which was performed by Mariah Carey, Josh Groben and Celine Dion and now you can sing and play it on your own. Merry Christmas guys!

Click here to play the O Holy Night Tutorial

2. 12 Days of Christmas (Piano Tutorial)

You should always keep your sense of humor and the 12 Days of Christmas is the perfect song to entertain your family and yourself on Christmas Eve. With the help of this tutorial you'd be able to play all twelve verse of the song in an unforgettable way. Click here to see the 12 Days of Christmas Tutorial for yourself!

3. The Christmas Song (Piano Tutorial)

I love classics. I adore the way old fashioned composers knew how to create a beautiful and inspiring melody to a modest text. Add Nat King Cole with his sweet voice to a perfect composition and you got yourself a master piece.

The Christmas Song is one of the most beautiful songs I heard in a long time. Although it's quite a jazzy song with some complicated chords I decided that I'll make an effort and teach you this song as clear as I can.

I'm pretty proud at the result but judge for yourselves.

Click here to view The Christmas Song Piano Tutorial with a free piano tab attached.

4. Miss you Most at Christmas (Piano Tutorial)

I honestly waited a whole year to make this piano tutorial. Most of the Christmas Songs are so happy but this song speaks about missing someone you love who passed away or broke up with you and Mariah Carey is perfect in singing these sentimental songs.

Some of my student played and sang this song at school and they said the crowd was completely moved by their performance. Give it a go.

Click here to view the Miss You Most at Christmas Piano Tutorial (by Mariah Carey)

5. All I want for Christmas is You (Piano Tutorial)

Just a reminder of a song I made last Christmas which turned into a YouTube hit. Groove with me with this up-tempo song and have fun with setting the party up on fire.

Click here to watch the All I Want for Christmas is You Piano Tutorial (by Mariah Carey)

Pearls from the Forum and PianoTube

Scan the "string of pearls" for subjects of interest. Visit those and skip the rest. Don't worry about missing anything if you are pressed for time. We convert pearls of enduring value into articles in the different sections, which we announce in later E-zines.

Wish List & Work in Progress at Piano Play It!


1. Piano Chords Video Lessons

2. Improvisation Lessons

3. Piano Brands Section

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

See you next month!


Written by David Yzhaki, M.D.
Founder & Chairman of the Board

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