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Piano Playground, The Rehab Amy Winehouse Piano Tutorial and others!
August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011

Play Rehab by Amy Winehouse!
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing


Boy, do I love Amy Winehouse. In my opinion she has that magic only a few singers share in a generetion. Therefore when I heard she passed away it was clear to me I'm going to create a whole project where I'm going to teach you the best of her greatest hits.

1.Back to Black - This song with its special bluesy groove became a prediction coming true. It's a great song you can use to learn how to play blues chords.

Click here to watch the Back to Black Piano Tutorial by Amy Winehouse

2. Now if you're into playing interesting grooves you're going to love rehab. I highly recommend it since you have just a few chords to deal with and then you can focus on studying the rhythm.

Click here to Play the piano tutorial Rehab by Amy Winehouse

3. Valerie - Next online, maybe one of her most famous songs "Valerie". I wanted to give you an experience with an uptempo everybody is going to dance to once you begin to play it...

Click here to Play the piano tutorial Valerie by Amy Winehouse

4. Tears Dry on Their On - Another hit from Amy and maybe one of the most recognizable of her. The special thing about this one is how you don't have to do anything with your right hand and simply move with the chromatic line in the bass.

Click here to Play the piano tutorial Tears Dry on their Own by Amy Winehouse

5. Love Is a Losing Game - I created this piano tutorial a while ago but now it's back on the project. This ballad is amazing and it is maybe the first time I was talking about how to play major seventh chords.

Click here to Play the piano tutorial Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse

Cheers David

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