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Piano Playground, Learn how to play Someone like you by Adele on piano
April 03, 2011

April 4, 2011

Play Someone Like you by Adele on Piano
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing


Piano Play It was crowded with lots of new students who were eager to play the fresh piano tutorials we created for you in the past few weeks. All of them are constantly being played at the radio.

1. Someone Like You by Adele

Everybody loves Adele. She's being played everywhere at the radio since her voice is so unique and since the music is so touching. Therefore I decided to create a handy piano tutorial for Someone like you. Here it is

Click here to view the Someone Like You Piano Tutorial by Adele

2. Born This Way by Lady Gaga Piano Tutorial

This has been the 1st choice on billboard for so long. It's really cool to play this song on piano because it has just a few chords and a great groove that goes along with it. Don't miss the chance to play this song with friends. Everybody starts to dance around the room.

Click here to view the Born This Way Piano Tutorial by Lady Gaga

3. Teenage dream is a great song that contains only two chords. Perfect for beginners. Since it has been so popular I decided it would be great for you to practice something so simple and updated.

Click here to view Teenage Dream piano tutorial by Katy Perry

4. Many of you wished you could simply take these songs and learn everything they you to know to start playing beautiful chords on the piano by ear instead of memorizing each and every chord by heart.

What if you could learn all the chords that make up those songs in just an hour or so? Would you be excited?

Jermaine Griggs over at Hear and Play Music is going to reveal an approach that allows you to learn anywhere: at your piano, in your car, on your iPodŽ while at the gym --- ANYWHERE!

So, if you have a CD player and two hours to spare, then you have what it takes to start mastering chords by ear.

Click here to read the rest of this story.

5. By the way, did you notice the new face we gave to the surface of our website? How do you like it?

Cheers David

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