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Piano Playground, Issue #005 --, Free Piano Music on PianoTube
March 06, 2009

Issue #5 | March 7, 2009

Free Piano Music on PianoTube
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing

No need for you to read 100+ Net-marketing e-zines, blogs & feeds -- I do that for you. Piano Playground boils it all down and reports only the important material you need to know.

You are always up-to-date and "noise-free." All the information that has ever been and will be written in this E-zine is documented in the back issues archive.

It's all part of the overall Piano Play It policy... Piano Playground delivers all the information that you need about learning to play the piano, news that relate to us piano players, and information about great products that may be of interest to you. You literally gain tens of hours per week ignoring all the outside noise. Use that time to grow what's important... your piano playing.

Table of Contents


1. Share your favorite piano music on PianoTube

2. Piano Faqs - Ask a question on the piano faqs page and I'll answer it lengthily.

Articles and Info

1. Piano Tutorial - How to play "You Raised Me Up" by Westlife

2. Piano Tutorial - How to Play "Piano Man" by Billy Joel

3. New Three Chord Songs

Pearls From the Forum and PianoTube

Coming Soon...

1. A Piano Tutorial of "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce.

This piano tutorial is simple to follow since you only have to learn to play five chords or so. What we're going to do is learn a few different ways to groove with these chords in order to create a development in the arrangement of the song.

2. A Piano Tutorial of "No One" by Alicia Keys.

This song contains only a few chords well and will be made in order to offer everyone a chance to play one of the most popular songs even if they just started playing the piano recently.

3. New Free Pop Sheet Music

Ido is making great arrangement to new pop songs. We'll update you when they appear.

Important Notices

1) Word-Of-Mouth Grows Us All. Please Pay It Forward And Spread the Word.

No matter how you do it, please spread the word... Tell your friends and family, colleagues at work, about Piano Play It. Piano Play It grows purely by word-of-mouth, allowing me to provide you the best piano lessons and piano information, to attract people just like you, and help you become the best piano player you can be.

2) A Special Note For New Piano Play It Arrivers..

Parts of this e-zine may not make sense to you. All it means is that you are not "there yet" in the process of piano playing. So skip those parts. You will re-discover that material later as you progress in piano playing when it's the right time for you, when you are ready to deal with it.


1. Share your Favorite Piano Music on PianoTube

PianoTube is the place to share your favorite piano music with us and tell us your story about it. If you composed or wrote a song and you'd like to show it to world, or you'd like to tell us who is your favorite pianist or tell why you especially love a certain piece, this is where you can do it. And it's so easy... All you have to do Find your favorite, copy the embed code and send it to us. Give us as much of what you know about this song, piece or pianist and we'll put it up for our visitors to discuss and rate. Click here to explore PianoTube and add your favorite piano video

2. Piano Faqs - Ask a question on the piano faqs page and I'll answer it lengthily.

I started getting lots of questions about piano issues including issues that had to do with our piano tutorials, piano lessons, buying a piano or questions about piano history.

It made think we could use a place where one could introduce a question and be answered lengthily about it so that other people could use this information for their own sake.

Piano Faqs is a forum where you can present your question to the world and be sure you'll get a professional answer. That's because I'm going to research each and every question and make sure you're pleased with your answer. Other piano experts are welcome as well to participate in this brain storming and share their knowledge with us. So what are you waiting for? Click here to go to the Piano Faqs page and share your doubts, questions and answers with people or provide us with some answers.

Articles and Info

1. How to play "You Raised Me Up" by "Westlife"

Quite some time ago I got a message from a nice guy named Andy who asked me if I could make the tutorial of "You Raised Me Up" by "Westlife". The story behind his wish was touching and so I was honored to make this tutorial for him.

You Raise Me Up is a beautiful song and now everyone can play this song in a convincing way. Click here to play the song You Raise Me Up by Westlife.

2. How to Play "Piano Man" by "Billy Joel"

Piano Man by Billy Joel stood on my list for quite some time. What a blast from the past! The lyrics are beautiful; the environment of this song is so relaxed. An absolute must on the piano repertoire. I worked hard to make this clear for you and so this piano tutorial is presented in two parts. Let me know if you liked it o.k.? (and if not, why not?) Click here to go to the piano tutorial of "Piano Man" by Billy Joel".

3. New Three Chord Songs

Ido Ronen, who as you probably know if you used a few of our fantastic free piano sheet music focused on adding new three chord songs to the Three Chord Songs page during the past month. His contribution is outstanding since now you can play amazing songs like "Walk of Life" by the Dire straits, "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles, "Hand in My Pocket" by Alanis Morissete and many other songs. All you have to do is go to the three chord songs page read the instructions and then choose one of the links that will show you which three songs you have to play and when.

Pearls from the Forum and PianoTube

Scan the "string of pearls" for subjects of interest. Visit those and skip the rest. Don't worry about missing anything if you are pressed for time. We convert pearls of enduring value into articles in the different sections, which we announce in later E-zines.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

See you next month!


Written by David Yzhaki, M.D.
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Copyright 2008-2009
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Givataaim P.C 53302

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