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Piano Playground, Our latest piano tutorials!
September 09, 2013

Sept 9th, 2013

Our Latest Piano Tutorials!
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing


Here are the latest piano tutorials we've been working on here in All of these songs our very popular at the moment so I'm sure you're going to have a great time playing these.

1. Same love by Macklemore became a very popular rap song and is great also because of the piano patterns that repeat through the whole song.

1. Click here to play Same Love by Macklemore.

Next up, here's a great piano ballad called Gravity by Sara Bareilles. This song has made my students crazy waning to play this piece exactly like the original way it is played so here it is.

2. Click here to play the Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Finally here's on of the top hits right now, I hear it endlessly on the radio and had a great time creating it.

3. Click here to play the song Get Lucky by Daft Punk features Pharrell Williams.

Have fun playing these great songs. We'll be in touch soon :)



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