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Piano Playground, We have Video Game Piano Sheet Music for you!
January 22, 2011

Januray 22, 2011

Check Out Our Christmas Sheet Music For Piano
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing


During the past three weeks I've been away so I can arrange everything to record my own CD! This is a dream of mine since I was a child and now that I finally get the chance to fulfill it I'm very excited.

So I just wanted to share this with you and soon everyone who wanted to hear what I'm doing besides making online piano lessons for Piano-Play-It can get the chance to listen to my own music. I'll tell more about it in my personal blog so stay tuned in Here.

, do you like video games? Many of my students have asked me to create video game sheet music of their favorite video themes. Ido, took this under control and created video game piano sheet music with wonderful arrangements which you can find in the Video Game Sheet Music page.

The good news is that you can now also view a demonstration of each piano sheet with the NEW BORN VIDEOS I created for the PDF files (Not to mention the Audio Files)...

I'm talking about videa game themes like Inuyasha - Change The World

Or The Super Mario Theme Piano Sheet Which everybody absolutely LOVES!

Also available are two rare piano sheets for beginners where you'll learn to play the "Final Fantasy" themes. You can get them (with Videos) in In Here

Last but not least I'd like to introduce you to our Buy Us Coffee Corner.

If you've been part of the Piano-Play-It community for a while you know by now that Ido and I have been working on our own to provide you with the best free online piano lesson in the net, only asking for some good feedback from you.

We decided to give you the chance to give us something back if you feel that this is meaningful to you. So if feel like having coffee with us which will keep us awake at nights making NEW piano lessons visit our Buy Us Coffee corner.

This can really help us focus on our work here and keeep us away from distractions.

We also love to hear what you think about Piano-Play-It of course and we enjoy all the wonderful stories we have read so far.

Have a great time playing the piano... We'll be in touch!

Cheers David

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