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Piano Playground, Issue #003 --, Play Piano in a Flash
December 28, 2008

Issue #2 | November 22, 2008

Play Piano In a Flash With Our Play Piano By Ear Section!!
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing

No need for you to read 100+ Net-marketing e-zines, blogs & feeds -- I do that for you. Piano Playground boils it all down and reports only the important material you need to know.

You are always up-to-date and "noise-free." All the information that has ever been and will be written in this E-zine is documented in the back issues archive.

It's all part of the overall Piano Play It policy... Piano Playground delivers all the information that you need about learning to play the piano, news that relate to us piano players, and information about great products that may be of interest to you. You literally gain tens of hours per week ignoring all the outside noise. Use that time to grow what's important... your piano playing.

Table of Contents


1. We've added New Melodies to the "Play Piano By Ear" Page.

2. Something Looks Different, Did you Notice?

3. Have a Look at a Good Book.


1. Jazz Chords - The Full Story!

2. Jazz it Up with the Altered Scale.

Coming Soon...

1. New Piano Tutorials on Piano Play It

I've been getting so many requests for piano tutorials...

During the past month I've been working on the look and feel of the website but in the next period I'm going to make a few new piano tutorials so stay tuned. They're going to be great.

I'm planning on making a piano tutorial for the songs:

Here Come the Sun - by the Beatles

Piano Man - Billy Joel

Summer Night - Grease

and some more but I'll keep it a surprise for now :)

2. New and Free Piano Sheets

This month Ido is probably going to add new piano sheets to the popular sheet music and the Disney sheet music page. I promise to update you about the news in the next e-zine

Important Notices

1) Word-Of-Mouth Grows Us All. Please Pay It Forward And Spread the Word.

No matter how you do it, please spread the word... Tell your friends and family, colleagues at work, about Piano Play It. Piano Play It grows purely by word-of-mouth, allowing me to provide you the best piano lessons and piano information, to attract people just like you, and help you become the best piano player you can be.

2) A Special Note For New Piano Play It Arrivers..

Parts of this e-zine may not make sense to you. All it means is that you are not "there yet" in the process of piano playing. So skip those parts. You will re-discover that material later as you progress in piano playing when it's the right time for you, when you are ready to deal with it.


1. We've added New Melodies to the "Play Piano By Ear" Page

Are you enjoying your holidays? I hope you do and that you intend to spend lots of time playing the piano since Piano Play It is going to grow enormously this year.

If you're just starting to play the piano and you'd like to play piano in a flash, I highly recommend our "Play Piano By Ear" Page. It's the only page in the web you'll find which helps you to learn how to play the piano without needing any piano notes at all.

The conept is simple. I'll help you to learn to play melodies by ear by listening to the Mp3's (You might even not need them since you'd surely be familiar with these songs) and then after I'll show you how to place your fingers on the piano you'd be able to play the songs by ear just by following a few simple guide lines.

Ido, My partner for Piano Play It has made about 20 melodies in this way. After doing this you'd be amazed to see that you could really play piano in a flash.

Click here to go to Play Piano in a Flash.

Let me know if you enjoyed this page... I'm curious!

2.Something Looks Different, Did you Notice?

Those of you who have been visiting Piano Play It for some time have probably noticed that the look and feel of the website has changed during the past month.

The new look of Piano Play It spreads on the whole screen and can be fitted to your desired size. I hope you enjoy the new look and that you find it more pleasant to the eye. Let me know if you have some suggestions for the colors. I'd be happy to experience with that.

I'm working at the moment on transitioning the whole website to the new look and feel so if you see a page still made in the old way just give me some time and I'll promise within a few weeks I'll make the whole website shine!

3.Have a Look at a Good Book

On the right side of many pages you'd see something new. I've been adding a list of books I recommend having at home which are related to the specific subject you wanted to learn about.

These books are available at icon in a very reasonable price. I own most of the books I recommend or I'm really familiar with them (I use them to teach my students).

If you're looking for great method books for eample I really suggest you'd check the books in this page. These are the best books to use in my opinion.

Click here to view the best method piano books.


1.Jazz Chords - The Full Story!

This artice is perfect for those who are fluent with the basics of Piano Chords and the secrets of chord theory.

The Jazz piano Chords section deals with jazzy chords.
What's that? Let's say jazz chords are chords that contain many colors accept from the basic notes of the chords. You'll have to read the artice to see the full picture.

In this section I will not only show you how the chord should be played but also show you how it was formed and how you should combine it with other chords in a convincing way.

Yes, we're talking about fancy jazz chord progressions.

Click here to learn how to form a 9th chord. The first in serie of jazz chords.

And here's some valuable information about Jazz Chord Prgoressions. I wish someone have made this page for me when I was learning to play jazz chord progressions. It would have saved me quite some time.

2.Jazz it Up with the Altered Scale.

If we're already into jazz I'd like to point out that I've added a new scale to the Piano Scales section.

And believe me... Once you're going to use this scale to form jazzy piano chords and on top of that improvise with this scale you'd get amazing compliments from anyone who's going to hear you music.

The altered scale sounds so hip. It's outrages really!

Click here to learn how to play the Altered Scale.

Guys I wish you a happy new year! Let's make a lot of good music in the coming year!

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

See you next month!


Written by David Yzhaki, M.D.
Founder & Chairman of the Board

copyright 2008
Sheinkin 36
Givataaim P.C 53302

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