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Piano Playground, Issue #0012 --, This piano lesson dvd is amazing!
October 13, 2009

Issue #12 | October 13, 2009

New Online Piano Lessons Videos
Keeping Your Focus On Piano Playing

No need for you to read 100+ Net-marketing e-zines, blogs & feeds -- I do that for you. Piano Playground boils it all down and reports only the important material you need to know.

You are always up-to-date and "noise-free." All the information that has ever been and will be written in this E-zine is documented in the back issues archive.

It's all part of the overall Piano Play It policy... Piano Playground delivers all the information that you need about learning to play the piano, news that relate to us piano players, and information about great products that may be of interest to you. You literally gain tens of hours per week ignoring all the outside noise. Use that time to grow what's important... your piano playing.

Table of Contents


1. Check out this great piano lesson DVD package!

2. The full series of E.D exercises is now available on video!

Articles and Tutorials

1. How to Tune a Piano?

2. The Dotted Notes Video

3. The Sixteenth Notes Video

4. The Piano Pedal Video

5. The Repeating Signs Video

Pearls From the Forum and PianoTube

Coming Soon...

1. Music Tempo (The Video)

You won't believe it, but there are only two more videos we have to create in order to finish the basic level of the complete beginners' course. The Music tempo lesson is one of them.

In this lesson we're going to learn the names of the different tempo terms in Italian and what they mean. I'll introduce you to the four main music tempo terms and demonstrate musical pieces with these music tempo terms.

2. Gradual and Sudden Dynamic Changes (The Video)

It was a while ago that I added the Music Dynamics Video but I still owe you a free video lesson on how to play Crescendo, Diminuendo and Sforzando which are the gradual and sudden music dynamic changes. I'll add an example of a musical piece with these dynamic signs.

3. "This is it" - A free Piano Tutorial by Michael Jackson

I heard the song "This is It" by Michael Jackson and I simply knew it... This is It! my next piano tutorial! So expect that in the coming week!

Important Notices

1) Word-Of-Mouth Grows Us All. Please Pay It Forward And Spread the Word.

No matter how you do it, please spread the word... Tell your friends and family, colleagues at work, about Piano Play It. Piano Play It grows purely by word-of-mouth, allowing me to provide you the best piano lessons and piano information, to attract people just like you, and help you become the best piano player you can be.

2) A Special Note For New Piano Play It Arrivers...

Parts of this e-zine may not make sense to you. All it means is that you are not "there yet" in the process of piano playing. So skip those parts. You will re-discover that material later as you progress in piano playing when it's the right time for you, when you are ready to deal with it.

3) Piano Play It Forum is Indispensable

An absolute don't-miss, Click here to view the forum feeds

Click here for more forum info below.

A Few Words by the Author

How to Practice Efficiently?

Hi ya'll,

Lately I've been asked quite often by some busy people for some useful tips that will help them to practice more efficiently.

The thing is that playing the piano is my whole world but many of you can't dedicate so much time to playing piano a day.
So, is there a use to start with it at all?
Of course!

Let's discuss a few tips that can help you, busy people, to learn to play the piano in such an efficient way that you won't need more than 20 minutes a day!

  • My first tip for you is that to schedule your practicing time in your agenda.
    Start with 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week and make sure you schedule these 20 minutes in the time of a day that you have some rest (So your children are at school, your husband/wife are at work etc...).

  • Try to choose that time of a day when you're most sharp and concentrated (I personally love the early hours of the morning but some could get a head pain by just thinking of it).

  • Make sure your cell-phone is off, that you have enough light when practicing and that the room is warm or cold enough. Enough light is very important for the efficiency of your practice.

  • Eat and drink something before you practice. The energy will improve your concentration enormously.

    Until now we talked about setting the right environment for your practicing time. Now let's talk business!

    Use a pencil when practicing. If you read notes always keep the pencil near by and use it when you acknowledge problems.

    So if you often miss a sharp sign for example, mark it with a circle. Do the same when you miss a certain fingering or if there's any detail that demands your attention.

    By highlightinging some details and making them more visual to the eye you'll be saving a lot of time.

    WORK SLOWLY, I've mentioned that thousands of times in my tutorials and not for nothing.

    Do not practice the whole piece at one time. Choose a line or two and focus on two bars at any given moment. Once you got the hang of these two bars move to the next two. Then come back and try to play all 4 bars together.

    Pay attention to the key signature and to the time signature Before you start practicing a musical piece

    Believe in the process - Lose the belief that you have to prove yourself and that you have to achieve fast results.

    If you fail to succeed playing a piece or a song give yourself the time to succeed playing it the next day. Sometimes the best way to succeed doing something is by letting it go. The mind does a great job at working extra hours when we don't even notice.

    Believe in yourself! If you're doing something, it means you're ready for it. If you're failing to succeed doing something it means you're not ready for it yet. But tomorrow you might be ready. Breathe and remember that you PLAY the piano. It's a game.

    I believe these tips will give you a big stepping point to playing and practicing more efficiently. I'll post a detailed article on the subject in the future so stay tuned :)

    Hope you could benefit from this article. Let me know if it helped you guys...

    David from


    1.Check out this great piano lesson DVD package!

    Guys, you know I like to give you lots of info for free but when I see a good product I have to share it with you.

    With the "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300pg Course you can learn the secrets to playing literally any song on the piano with a few simple, "easy-to-understand" techniques and principles! Jermaine Griggs teaches tons of music theory, concepts, and tricks that will help you to learn piano by ear!

    I honestly support this product. Jermaine is a great teacher and so if you're into taking the next step in your piano playing I recommend this piano lesson DVD package highly!

    Click here to review the "Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300pg Course

    2. The full E.D exercises series is available on video!

    Piano Technique is harder to teach through the net... or so I thought...

    But as Ido my partner advised me to add short videos for every "Every Day" exercise in the Piano Exercises page I knew he was right on it.

    You know how I support practicing these extremely useful exercises in the beginning of your practice. They keep you focus and relaxed. They put you in the proper state of mind for practicing and they improve your skills and orientation on the piano. There are more advantages but you should see it for yourselves.

    Click here to view the full series of E.D. exercises on video!

    And here's where you can find our piano technique section.

    Articles and Tutorials

    1. How to Tune a Piano?

    If until today Ido was making wonderful free piano sheets for us he now shows us that he can write extremely interesting piano articles as he did in the "How to Tune a Piano" page.

    In his article Ido introduces the foundations to the concept of piano tuning. You'll learn about the tools you need to tune a piano and why it is such a complicate manner that you better leave it to a professional.

    And now what? How to find a professional piano tuner? Well...

    Click here to read the article on "How to Tune a Piano".

    2. The Dotted Notes Video

    People find the dotted notes subject, a difficult matter to understand. But it could be so easy with this hand video and the free musical pieces we've added in order to help you play pieces of a bigger rhythmic interest.

    We'll review the dotted whole note and the dotted half note and learn about the dotted quarter and eighth notes.

    Click here to view the Dotted Notes Video.

    3. The Sixteenth Notes Video

    There are four sixteenth notes in a quarter and you could play them in various combinations. This free video lesson will show you how to read, count and play sixteenth notes and we'll end up with playing a sixteenth notes piece. It gets interesting so check it out.

    Click here view the "Sixteenth Notes" Video.

    4. The Piano Pedal Video

    There are three pedals I know, but in this free piano video lesson we're going to discuss the right one called the "Damper" Pedal.

    This pedal will help us to create a sustain effect and perform big jumps with keeping the connection between distant notes. Learn more about it in here:

    Click here to view the Piano Pedal Video

    5. The Repeating Signs Video

    Well, I called it that way but in this piano lesson you'll learn not only about the dotted bars, the D.C al fine and the D.S al fine signs but we're also going to cover the 8va sign and the incomplete measure.

    So repeating signs and much more in here:

    Click here to view the Beginner Music Terms Video

    Pearls from the Forum and PianoTube

    Scan the "string of pearls" for subjects of interest. Visit those and skip the rest. Don't worry about missing anything if you are pressed for time. We convert pearls of enduring value into articles in the different sections, which we announce in later E-zines.

    Wish List & Work in Progress at Piano Play It!


    1. Piano Chords Video Lessons

    2. Improvisation Lessons

    3. Piano Brands Section

    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

    See you next month!


    Written by David Yzhaki, M.D.
    Founder & Chairman of the Board

    Copyright 2008-2009
    Sheinkin 36
    Givataaim P.C 53302

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