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These beginning piano lessons focus on technique. I gathered here a collection of information and useful piano exercises to help you improve you skills when learning to play the piano.

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The order of the issues here is organized gradually according to matter of importance and difficulty.

"Thanks a bunch. Took lessons as a child and now in thirties starting back to the basics with the help from a young genius. Thanks again."

Piano Fingering Lesson 1 - Piano Fingering

Fingers have numbers. In this lesson we'll learn about the numbers of the fingers and about the correct way to position your hand on the piano.

Correct Posture Lesson 2 - Correct Posture

Here are the Ten Commandments for the correct piano playing posture.

Falling to a Piano Key Lesson 3 - Falling to a Piano Key

This page deals with the basic movements concerning piano playing. By thinking about these small movements and exploring it you can achieve a great level of sensitivity, fluency and even more important avoid stress or make it go away.

Musical Phrasing Lesson 4 - Musical Phrasing (Legato, Staccato, Legatissimo, Staccatissimo)

In this page you'll find four main ways to connect between two piano keys. Being able to produce these four manners will enrich your piano playing and allow you to express different emotions.

Musical Dynamics Lesson 5 - Musical Dynamics (Forte and Piano)

Here's how to play loud, soft or get gradually louder or softer on the piano. A great article about the different musical signs.

Crossing Over Lesson 6 - Crossing Over (Expanding your Hand Position

Here's how to play loud, soft or get gradually louder or softer on the piano. A great article about the different musical signs.

Piano Exercises Lesson 7 - Technical Piano Exercises (of different fingerings)

These piano exercises will help you to acquire dexterity in your fingers so don't miss the change to practice them. They're nice to do.

Piano Exercises Lesson 8 - Playing with the Piano Pedal

In this piano technique lesson we'll learn to play the piano with the sustain pedal. This will add a lot of colour to our sounds.

Piano Fingerings Lesson 9 - Various Techniques of Piano Fingerings

I've been asked by many of you to describe the different technique of how you could play piano fingerings. There it is.

Piano Arpeggios Lesson 10 - Piano Arpeggios

All about how to play arpeggios on piano

Piano Ornaments

Glissando Lesson 11 - Piano Glissando

Here's how to play Glissando on the piano.

Appoggiatura Lesson 12 - The Appoggiatura

How to play the Appoggiatura on piano.

Piano Acciaccatura Lesson 13 - Piano Acciaccatura

Some people confuse the Acciaccatura with the Appoggiatura. Here's a clear article over this beautiful piano ornament that will clarify the difference.

Piano Trill Lesson 14 - Piano Trill

There are various way to play piano trill on the piano. Here's a great free piano lesson the deals with all of them concerning their piano technique.

Piano Mordent Lesson 15 - Piano Mordent

The mordent is a beautiful piano ornament that is often played on various music periods. Here's a lesson that shade light on this ornament.

Piano Baroque Ornaments Lesson 16 - Piano Baroque Ornaments

A clear explanation followed by a handy table that shows all the different musical baroque ornament.

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