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Click Here To Get Your hands On Piano Fool's Breakthrough Method Of Playing Piano Fast!

PianoFool's Breakthrough Method Of Playing Piano Fast!

Rating: Rated 4 Stars
Price: $47.00
Warranty:No-risk guarantee. You can use the product to its fullest for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the results, you will get your money back, 100%.
Author: Tim "The PianoFool Guy."
Company: Piano-Fool

Although I was disturbed by the fact that by using this Ebook I'm defining myself as a fool I was surprised to discover that the Piano Fool Ebook has a different approach to learning how to play the piano, a lot different than the way traditional piano teachers teach their students.

Tim, the Piano Fool guy, teaches you how to play the piano by using chord inversions that help you to move from one chord to the other without performing unnecessary movements. You can indeed, as he says learn to play the piano that way in less then 18 months.

What's great about it is that he uses great songs you can choose from that vary from oldies to the modern ones.

Pros: Piano Fool is based on the concept of using inverted chords which is the best way indeed to learn to play the piano fast without moving the fingers too much. This way, the effort is less, but the quality of sound is the same. The product also teaches the students not only how to play the songs quicker, but how to play the piano quicker.

Cons: The identity of the author remains pretty much unknown. What is his background? What are his achievements? It will be helpful to a lot of people if they know how is behind the product. Also, a video sample of the program may be helpful so that the customers can get a picture of how the lessons will go about.

The Verdict: Piano Fool is excellent for those who wish to focus on learning piano accompaniment fast and easily. There's something here for everyone. Beginner will discover that the step-by-step procedures that you must follow are easy to read and easy to follow. If you are not a beginner, then you can also learn the advanced skills also taught by the author.

Click Here To Get Your hands On Piano Fool's Breakthrough Method Of Playing Piano Fast!

"In my mind I had absolutely no musical ability at all when I decided I wanted to learn the piano. I looked at lots of courses but chose Pianofools Program#1 because it appeared that Tim teaches piano differently.

My wife about laughed me out of the house when I told her I was going to learn the piano, but I was determined to prove her wrong. I went through program #1 and by then end of 30 days I was literally playing "Let It Be" with both the right and left hand. I was surprised, my wife was surprised, and now I can honestly say I will be playing piano for the rest of my life.

Tim's anti traditional approach is perfect for anyone who actually wants to learn how to play any song they want to without being bombarded with the traditional piano teaching that seems to have failed most students. If you really want to play piano, buy this program. I am living proof it works for anyone!"
--Jason Polonsky

"After attempting to learn piano the "traditional" way, and quitting after 2 years with nothing to show for my efforts, I decided to try the layer method of learning. I learned more in the getting started program than I had in 2 years of traditional teachings. After just weeks I was playing real songs, real fast, the right way with both left and right hand. Simply amazing!"
--Lewis Major

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"Your entire site is simply fantastic. I really loved it. Now I am learning the basics of piano by myself, with your really great help. Thank you very much!"

Jaime C. from Brazil

"I only started to play about six weeks ago but the last hour of watching your videos about chord progressions has been something of a revelation. You're brilliant!!!!"

Stephen Roberts from U.S.A

"I'm a beginning keyboard player and your video's are an excellent guide. You're absolute not in a hurry, and take time to explain. I'm sure I'll follow all your lessons to get the hang of playing the piano/keyboard!"

Wouter E. from the Netherlands

"Thanks for all your work ( tuto and others ). You're doing a really great job, You're the best internet teacher I know."

Anthony Hassen Cohen from France

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