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If you're looking for useful piano info such as great tips for cleaning your piano and tuning it correctly, you've reached the right spot.

In this page you'll find useful piano information We collected on topics of Maintance and Equipment, piano history, Reviews on various piano learning methods and fun amusing subjects such as wonderful quotes regarding music and piano.

We tried to do our best, to be thorough, to stick to the facts, to write the articles in a flowing, clear and simple way that will be honest and simple.

Piano Inofrmation on Maintance

1.To begin with, here's a handy article where you can find our recommendations on the most useful and effective piano learning softwares.

Click here to see our top recommendations for piano learning softwares!

2. And here's a wonderful article on how to deal with frustration while practicing the piano! very inspiring and handy!

3. Click here learn how to deal with frustration while practicing piano!

4.Here's how to Motivate your child to practice piano

5.If you're suffering from Pain in your hands because of playing piano you'll be interested in this article and video here that will offer you a hand pain relief.

Piano Care Tips.
Piano Care Tips
Piano Tuning
About Piano Tuning
Piano Moving
About Piano Moving
How does the Piano Work?
How Does a Piano Work?
Piano Restoration
About Piano Restoration
Piano and Music Quotes
Piano and Music Quotes

Piano History

In this page you'll find a collection of a few articles that discuss the history of the piano. You'll piano information on topics on the person who invented the piano, on early piano history,a thorough article on the history of Jazz piano and more...

Click here to learn more about Piano History!

Early Piano History

This colorful story starts from the ancient man revealing music and ends before the first piano came to exist.

Who Invented the Piano?

Want to know who invented the piano? Here you'll find everything about Bartolomeo Christofori.

Piano history from 1907

After the first true piano was built many interesting inventions has been tried until we could recognize the form of the piano today. Here you can read about the deleopment of the piano from 1907.

The history of Jazz Piano

A wide view over the history of jazz piano music and her most influencing pianists.

Piano Brands

In this page you'll find useful information on piano's and keyboards inlcuding Electronic pianos.

Click here for info on piano's and Keyboards

Bladwin Pianos

Baldwin Piano

3 Recommended Models
of Baldwin Pianos

The Baldwin Acrosonic Piano

Yamaha Pianos

The Yamaha Piano

Yamaha Digital Pianos

The Clavinova

Yamaha Keyboards

The Yamaha Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR Keyboard

The Yamaha DGX

The Yamaha TYROS

The Yamaha Motif

The Yamaha MM6

Yamaha Grand Pianos

Yamaha Grand Piano

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano

Piano Equipment

Piano Lamps
Piano Benches
Piano Benches
Piano Bench Cushion
Piano Bench Cushions
Piano Metronomes
Piano Dolly
Piano Dolly
Piano Gifts
Piano Gifts

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