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The beginning piano lessons in the theory section are especially made for those of you who want to expand their knowledge in the secrets of music. Take piano scales for example. They are the skeleTONE of music. :-)

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As you precede with these beginner piano lessons you'll understand better how music works and that's a cruical part for those who who are learning to play the piano. It's a free ticket to making better music since you'll understand the logic behind what you're playing.

"When I've watched the video that showed me how to practice scales,
I finally understood why they were so IMPORTANT!"

Introduction to Piano Chords
Lesson 1 - The Musical Interval - Part 1

Uses of the Intervals, Introducing the Intervals...

C Chord on the Piano
Lesson 2 - A Handy Musical Interval Table

Inversions of Intervals, Dissonant and Cossonant Intervals, Augmented and Diminished Intervals...

G Chord on the Piano
Lesson 3 - The Major Scale

piano theory basics, What's a Piano Scale, Why Bother Studying Piano Scales, C Major Scale...

G Major Scale on the Piano
Lesson 4 - G Major Scale

G Major Scale, 2 Tetrachords in a Scale, Menuet in G by Bach

All 12 Major Scales on Piano
Lesson 5 - All 12 Major Scales

A Chord chart of All 12 Major Scales...

Minor Musical Scales
Lesson 6 - How to Practice Music Scales

Cross Over, Counter Movement, Parallel Movement...

C Minor
Lesson 7 - Minor Scales

A Natural Minor, A Chord Chart of all 12 Minor Piano Scales...

The Harmonic Minor Scale
Lesson 8 - The Harmonic Minor Scale

A Harmonic Minor, A Chord Chart of all 12 Harmonic Minor Scales...

The Melodic Minor Scale
Lesson 9 - The Melodic Minor Scale

A Melodic Minor, A Chord Chart of all 12 Melodic Minor Scales...

The Diatonic Scale
Lesson 10 - The Diatonic Scale

The Formula of a Diatonic Scale, What's a Diatonic Scale...

The Circle of Fifths
Lesson 11 - The Circle of Fifths

What's the Circle of Fifths, The Order of Sharps and Flats on the Circle...

Scale Degrees
Lesson 12 - Scale Degrees

Tonic, Dominant, Subdominant, Mediant...

Pentatonic Scale
Lesson 13 - The Pentatonic Scale

The Notes of the Pentatonic, Song with a Pentatonic Scale...

Minor Pentatonic Scale
Lesson 14 - The Minor Pentatonic Scale

The Formula of the Minor Pentatonic, A List of all 12 Minor Pentatonic Scales...

The Blues Scale
Lesson 15 - The Blues Scale

The Blues Scale in Piano Theory, C Major Blues...

Chromatic Scale
Lesson 16 - The Chromatic Scale

The Notes of the Chromatic Scale, An Example with a Chromatic Scale...

Whole Tone Scale
Lesson 17 - The Whole Tone Scale

The Notes of the Whole Tone Scale, An Example with a Whole Tone Scale...

Octatonic Scale - Jazz Scale
Lesson 18 - The Altered Scale

C Alterd Scale, Different Ways to Look at the Altered Scales, Chords in the Altered Scale...

The Diminished Scale
Lesson 19 - The Diminished Scale

C Diminished Scale, How to Use the Diminished Scale...

The Music Modes
Lesson 19 - The Music Modes

What are Music Modes For, Music Modes Names...

Ionian Mode
Lesson 1 - The Ionian Mode

The Ionian Mode is parallel to the Major Scale...

Dorian Mode
Lesson 2 - The Dorian Mode

Introducing the Dorian Mode, How to Use the Mode...

Phrygian Mode
Lesson 3 - The Phrygian Mode

Introducing the Phrygian Mode, How to Use the Mode...

Lydian Mode
Lesson 4 - The Lydian Mode

Introducing the Lydian Mode, How to Use the Mode...

Myxolydian Mode
Lesson 5 - The Myxolidian Mode

Introducing the Myxolidian Mode, How to Use the Mode...

Aeolian Mode
Lesson 6 - The Aeolian Mode

The Aeolian Mode is Parallel to the Minor Scale...

Locrian Mode
Lesson 7 - The Locrian Mode

Introducing the Locrian Mode, How to Use the Mode...

A Summery of Piano Scales
Lesson 8 - A Summery of Piano Scales

from Major to Minor and Blues...

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