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An image of me recommending the Rocket Piano Ultimate Learning Kit. People want to learn how to play chords in order to be able to play any song they desire easily. Some find it easy to learn how to form new chords but don't know how to take the next step to combine them in a song, moving smoothly from one chord to the other while playing the rhythm at the same time

Some like to imitate what they see on a video but you can learn how to form all possible amazing piano chords and learn to play an enormous amount of different styles like Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and more while playing popular songs by artists like the Beatles, Adele, Bruno Mars, Leonard Cohen and more.

Check out our complete "Piano by chords" course where you'll go through a journey that combines both piano lessons and piano tutorials the will make play the piano like a PRO!

Click here to check out the Piano by Chords Learning Kit Now!

Here below is the old piano course we created. These lessons are for free. The new course above is well structured, accessible on all media's and but here are some free lessons if you're looking for a better impression on how we came to create the new course and anyway, we are famous for being free givers :)

Click here if you haven't signed toPiano Playground, our free E-zine yet. Make sure you do that in order to get the user-name and password codes for the piano sheets and tabs we provide for each piano tutorial and lesson (And I'll keep you posted with the new piano lessons and videos on our site).

I suggest you go through the lessons slowly. Read and and listen carefully. Every small detail makes a difference.

The Piano Accompaniment Course

Introduction to Piano Chords
Lesson 1 - Intro

How are we going to learn to play piano by chords...

The Musical Intervals
Lesson 2 - The Musical Interval

Semi Tone, Whole Tone, Intervals

All Major Chord on Piano
Lesson 3 - Major Chords

Intervals in a Major Chord,

How to play piano chords in order to accompany a song.
Lesson 4 - How to Play Piano Chords

Piano Registers, Melody, Harmony and Bass, Rhythm

Chord Inversions
Lesson 5 - Chord Inversions

What's a groove? 1-5 bass line...

How to play Pop Piano Groove
Lesson 6 - Pop Groove

What's a groove? 1-5 bass line...

Jingle Bells Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 7 - Jingle Bells

Amazing Grace Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 8 - Amazing Grace

Minor Chords on Piano
Lesson 9 - Minor Chords

Minor Chords, A Minor Chord,

One Love by Bob Marley Piano Tutorial
Lesson 10 - One Love (Bob Marley)

Slash Chords
Lesson 11 - Slash Chords

Slash chords, examples of songs with slash chords...

Imagine by John Lennon Piano Tutorial
Lesson 12 - Imagine (Piano tutorial)

Crossing Over
Lesson 13 - Crossing Over (A Piano Trick)

cross 2 over1, pass 1 under 2...

Beatles Let It Be Piano Tutorial
Lesson 14 - Beatles, Let It Be (Piano Tutorial)

One by U2 Piano Tutorial
Lesson 15 - One by U2 (Piano Tutorial)

Grease Summer Nights Piano Tutorial
Lesson 16 - Grease (Summer Nights Tutorial)

7th chords
Lesson 17 - 7th Chords

7th Chords, chord inversions, Intervals

Help Beatles Tutorial
Lesson 18 - Help Beatles Tutorial

Piano Em7 Chord.
Lesson 19 - Minor 7th chords

All You Need Is Love Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 20 - All You Need Is Love Piano Tutorial

Sus Chords on Piano.
Lesson 21 - Sus Chords

Hey Jude Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 22 - Hey Jude Piano Tutorial

Hero by Mariah Carey Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 23 - Hero Piano Tutorial

The Augmented Chord.
Lesson 24 - Augmented Chords

All I Want For Christmas (Mariah Carey) Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 25 - All I Want For Christmas Piano Tutorial

Diminished  Chords Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 26 - Diminished Chords

Love Is A Losing Game Piano Tutorial.
Lesson 27 - Love Is a Losing Game Piano Tutorial

I'll be updating these free online piano lessons daily so stay tuned as we grow.

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"Your entire site is simply fantastic. I really loved it. Now I am learning the basics of piano by myself, with your really great help. Thank you very much!"

Jaime C. from Brazil

"I only started to play about six weeks ago but the last hour of watching your videos about chord progressions has been something of a revelation. You're brilliant!!!!"

Stephen Roberts from U.S.A

"I'm a beginning keyboard player and your video's are an excellent guide. You're absolute not in a hurry, and take time to explain. I'm sure I'll follow all your lessons to get the hang of playing the piano/keyboard!"

Wouter E. from the Netherlands

"Thanks for all your work ( tuto and others ). You're doing a really great job, You're the best internet teacher I know."

Anthony Hassen Cohen from France

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