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I've been looking around for the most beautiful, handy and cheapest lamps around.
I was surprised by the variety of all the different lamps and the range of prices.

Let me tell you one thing, Ebay has the best piano lamps in the most reasonable prices.
Surely the lowest prices you'll find, so before you check anything else give Ebay a try here...

Below you'll see the five lowest priced items being offered right now on eBay. You can also use the search box and just type in your what you're looking for like "piano lamps" or "lamps piano", Browse through the piano lamps supplies items being offered and when you find something you want, just click the "register" link at the top of the page and place your bid. You'll be hooked!

"I finally see the LIGHT! "

Buying at »Regular» Online Stores

If you're looking for a slightly more traditional buying experience, start at zZounds.

zZounds offers the lowest price on piano lamps from nearly every brand: Gemini, Hosa, Littlite, Might Bright, Monster Cable and many others. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day. Check out their Piano Lamps specials.

Gemini GNL700 BNC Gooseneck Lamp
Gemini GNL700 BNC Gooseneck Lamp

Price $18.95

Compatible with most mixers, turntables and equipment with BNC 12 volt input. Light up your console or dj station with the brand known for live sound, Gemini. more

Hosa LED Console Lamp with BNC Connector
Hosa LED Console Lamp with BNC Connector

Price $19.95

The Hosa LTE503 is used to discretely illuminate a mixing console in a live sound setting. The Hosa Lite LED console lamp delivers warm, diffused light that is bright enough to work by--without causing eyestrain...more

Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Light
Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Light

Price $24.95

Continuing with the original XtraFlex Duet's mission of lighting two full pages of sheet music, the Duet 2 was born out of necessity for an even brighter and more versatile light. Perfect for large music stands, two and three page music scores,... more

Mighty Bright Pedal Board Music Light
Mighty Bright Pedal Board Music Light

Price $29.95

This fantastic addition to the Mighty Bright line was created for a newly recognized need in the music realm - pedal board lighting. Lighting the entire board, this new flexible LED pedal board light provides enough light to see all guitar effects pedal control settings....more

Monster Power FlexLamp MPLMPXLR LED Light Source
Monster Power FlexLamp MPLMPXLR LED Light Source

Price $39.95

Monster FlexLamp for Flexible Setups and Brighter, Long-Lasting Light** Get a stronger, brighter, more flexible XLR light source with Monster FlexLamp.... more

Littlite 18GHI BNC Style Hi Intensity Lamp
Littlite 18GHI BNC Style Hi Intensity Lamp

Price $41.51

Littlite LED Gooseneck with BNC connector. Light output is white. Can be used anywhere a standard G-Series gooseneck works. You can use its Panel Socket and Mounting Plate accessories for a detachable installation type of setting....more

Littlite XLR Hi Intensity Lamp
Littlite XLR Hi Intensity Lamp

Price $47.65

This is a Gooseneck lamp for use with XLR connector that will mount on any mixer with XLR light accessory socket. It has a Black highlighted finish with finned hood to disperse heat.... more

Littlite L318 High Intensity Lamp With Dimmer
Littlite L318 High Intensity Lamp With Dimmer

Price $62.88

The L318 High Intensity (5-watt) lamp includes a permanently attached gooseneck with a specially designed, heat-dispersing hood. The "L" series sets come complete and ready for easy surface mounting, 18 inch lengths with bulb, mounting base and fully adjustable dimmer.... more

Littlite L18 LED Lamp with Chassis and Rotary Switch
Littlite L18 LED Lamp with Chassis and Rotary Switch

Price $98.00

The Littlite L18 is a handy little lamp that has it own power supply and a chassis to mount wherever you need to mount it. It also includes a three way rotary switch which enables the user to toggle between white light and red light output. Heck, you can even turn it off if need be.... more

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