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Lesson request
by: Miguel

I always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I play guitar yet, but it was a dream to play all those beautiful song on the piano too. I have startet a couple of weeks ago and I could fast and easily learn how to play one of my favorite songs "Your Song" by Sir Elton John. I would like to ask you if you could show me and all your "pupils" how to play the best song ever for me. "Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong" by Cat Stevens. That would be great indeed.

Hier is a youTube link "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiByRm5Qejs"

Best regards and thank you very much indeed for you great job.

Tutorial Request
by: Anna

I really love this site, I've learnt piano just by your videos on youtube when I first found you by luck like 3 years ago!
I would really appreciate it if you could make a tutorial on this song called "Damn your eyes" by Alex Clare
here's the link too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKeAOH1OSu0
Thank you so much in advance! I love every single one of your tutorials!

A Song Recommendation PLEASE??
by: Josika

Hi David,
i am a fan of all your videos and it really helps me to learn fast as i am a visual learner. I've used your videos sooo much that i have told all my friends when they ask me where i've learnt all these songs...your videos have helped me in school performances and i would really like to play 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera. Would you please post a video on how to play this song on piano please....i would really love to know how to play this beautiful amazing song

many thanks

Something's Got a Hold on Me by Etta James (Christina Aguilera version) PLEAAAAASE
by: Anonymous

You honestly don't know how much it would mean to me if you could learn the song Something's got a hold me by Etta James (Christina Aguilera version). I love thtat song and I can't find a tutorial on that anywhere on the internet. It's a more R&B, blues song. I want to play this in front of an audience one day, but it starts with you guys (:

If I had a reason by Rory Gallagher
by: Johanna

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for "If I had a reason" by Rory Gallagher, it was my parents wedding song and I want to surprise them on the 8th of June when it is their 25th anniversary. Could you do me this favour, please? I cannot find even the chords anywhere.
Thanks for that homepage, it is really nice!!!

Thank you so much!
by: Jennifer

I know how much time this must take for you to create tutorials for each of these songs! This site is amazing and I very much appreciate the free access. I was wondering if you would have time to create a tutorial for Memory from the musical Cats? That's one of my favorites. Thank you very much!

Turtorial request
by: Anonymous

Can you please do a turtorial for "Sory Of My Life" by One Direction. That would be super amazing. :)

Song Request
by: Jay

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a piano tutorial with sheet music to Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande ft. Nathan Sykes. It's such a beautiful song and I learn all my songs from you. it'd be much appreciated. Thank you (:

Tutorial request
by: Jo

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for Fire and Rain by James Taylor, I think this song is fabulous and I would love to learn how to play it

by: Hervis

I first want to thank you for all the ones you have made.
Can you please do one on paradise by cold play ?? And another one on happy together by turtles

Queen Song Request
by: Caroline

Hi, any chance that you could do a tutorial for "Who Wants to Live Forever" by Queen?
I absolutely adore this song, but don't read music and can't find a decent tutorial anywhere, and honestly, even if I could,
I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as your tutorial. You're the best :)

by: Lesley

Can you please make a piano tutorial of the song called "Give me Love" by Ed Sherran?

Christina grimmie titanium
by: Anonymous

Hey, could you please transcribe the christina grimmie Version of titanium.
There's already One tutorial but there aren't sheets and this Version is with the melody but I want to play it like her in order to Sing along with it. I've Been Looking everywhere for These sheets but couldn't find them.
You would make me be so Grateful and happy. Thank you. :)

The Phantom of the Opera Theme
by: Anonymous

A brilliant song and I think would sound incredible on the piano!

Bonnie Raitt
by: Christopher D

Please please please please post a tutorial for Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me." Both Adele and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon do wonderful versions of this song. Pretty please?

One More Night by Phil Collins
by: Fred

Thank you for all your wonderful tutorials. I have been been following you years now have made so much progress as a piano player. Any chance adding One More Night by Phil Collins (CD version of Eb).Thanks

Song Request
by: David

Could you please have a tutorial on Bread's song of "If"? It is a ballad and very popular in the early 70's. Thank you so much for your great tutorials they have turned me into a real pianist.

Under Pressure
by: Anonymous

I have always wanted to play Under Pressure by Queen/David Bowie! Keep up the good work!! Your tutorials are genuinely the best I have ever used!

by: Anonymous

Best 90's song ever! Tutorial please?

Opeth - Coil
by: Sina Najaflou

This song is played by Guitar but you can play it by piano with some changes, it's great song and i imagine what a great sound by Piano! please write this song in Piano and Learn how to play "Coil" with Piano to us!
your videos are amazing and your site is best place for me ! for learn piano . I'm beginner iat piano. Thanks a lot

Game of Thrones Main Theme
by: David S. (Germany)

I would really like to see a tutorial from you for the main theme of game of thrones. There are one or two BAD tutorials for this song in youtube, but I really like the style of your tutorials and it would help me a lot for playing this epic song.



Your awesome!
by: Nick

Thanks so much David. Just discovered your site and am loving the Lionel Ritchie 'Hello' tutorial.

It would be amazing if you could do a tutorial for 'Never can say good bye' by the JAckson 5!

Many hanks for all your efforts..


New York State of Mind
by: Anonymous

My favorite Billy Joel song. I think it would make a great Piano Tutorial!

Empire State Of Mind Part 2
by: Anonymous

Could you please do Empire State Of Mind 2 from Alicia Keys?? I love that song. :)

"TRY" by P!nk
by: Colleen

This song would be amazing as a tutorial! xoxo

A favor please...
by: Anonymous

hey! you are amazing, but i really want to play Butterfly from digimon season 1, please i really want to!.

by: Leighton

Hi,Great site!
I'm learning from scratch an your site is my first port of call!!
I'm in a band an play guitar but we really want to add piano to our sound, so hopefully some day I'll get there.
Anyway it would be great if you get time to do a tutorial on Dignity by Deacon Blue...Many thanks an keep up the good work

Always On My Mind
by: Lekrystel

You've helped me so much on my piano skills. Thank you!
Your tutorials are easy to learn. I have a little request. Can you do a piano tutorial for Always on my mind by Willie Nelson.
I love this song so much. Thank you in advance!

Post a song
by: Ernesto Kirschner

Could you upload the sheet for"Thank You For Loving Me" from Bon Jovi?

I´ll appreciate a lot.

FELITSA by Yanni
by: Eka Pramana

Dear David,

Thank you millions time for your great job to share your gift for free

I love heavenly music composition, titled FELITSA by Yanni. Would you make the tutorial of it, please?

Best regards from Indonesia
Eka Pramana

Piano request
by: Anonymous

Fairytale of new York by the pogues please!

Bedshaped by Keane
by: Tammy Ryan

David, I love your site, it's definately the best I've found for tutorials and really generous of you to share your expertise.

Please could you do a tutorial for the song Bedshaped by Keane as i have not had any luck finding a decent tutorial so far.
Please please pretty please! :)

love your site
by: Ae

Hi David,

I just a beginner to play a piano and I find your site very useful i've learned a lot. Thank you for that iI'm just wondering can you please make a tutorial "the man who cant be moved" by the Script?

Thanks a lot (:

Run by Leona Lewis
by: Louise

Could you maybe do a tutorial for "run" Leona Lewis' cover and "falling" by Alicia Keys?
Many Thanks, Louise :)

Talking to the moon
by: Pianist<3

Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars.

P.S your website is EXTREMELY HELPFUL.

Babys- Bon Iver
by: Anonymous


Could you please make a tutorial for Babys from Bon Iver?

I'd mean a lot.

God bless! :D

piano sheets
by: Anonymous

Hey could you get the music sheets for "Iris" please. I love the song so much! I found a video of it on youtube by legato29 if you don't know what I'm talking about:


Skinny Love Birdy
by: Anonymous


Beautiful song !!! please make a tuto ! :)

Bluesin' It Up
by: Jules

Hey, David! I'm Jules. I love this site a whole lot more than any other. Thanks to you, my family is considering getting me an actual piano teacher! Yay! But, anyhow, as I was saying, could you add some blues? I love to sing and p lay the blue. For example, you could upload Black And Gold by Jack Sparro? Well, thank you for \being the best online piano teacher possible. Au Revior! -Jules

I won't give up
by: Anonymous

I love this song
I won't give up - Jason Mraz
It is originally with a guitar but I play the piano ;p
Could you make an piano accompaniment?

Piano tutorial
by: Rodrigo - From Brazil

Hi David, can you please make a piano tutorial for the song "Still Loving You" by Scorpions ? I looove this song and would like to play it for a girl. I could say im beginner/advanced on playing piano. I have sent this request a month ago through contact us page, but got no answer :(
Thank you so much,
Rodrigo Bertholino

Shelby Starner - YOU
by: Holger

Thanks for this great service especially for beginners who can`t afford a personal teacher. I love you and your way of teaching us!

If I could have a wish:
I love the piano song "YOU" by Shelby Starner which I heard the first time on the TV from Dawson`s Creek couple years ago. I`m sad that she died very young but she will be always in my mind with this lovely song. I can`t find any piano notes and/or tutorials. Maybe you can make one because there are still a lot of fans outside.

Kind regards from Germany,

For my sister birthday request
by: Anonymous

can you please do a tutorial for Stephen Bishops, "It Might Be you" for beginners.

this is her all time favorite song and i wanted to play it for her for her birthday before January 10

People Help The People - Birdy
by: Monique

Hi! This song, in the style of Birdy, has a lovely piano arrangement, and beautiful vocals to go along with it. I would absolutely LOVE it if you could do some sort of tutorial for it.

Thanks =)

Laura Izibor
by: Chelsey

Hello, I have been dying to learn how to play Laura Izibor's Can't Be Love on the piano, and I would be so grateful if you could please upload the sheet music.

"What a wonderful world"
by: Rasmus

A big dream of mine is to be able to play "What a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong. One of the best feel good songs ever made!

Any chance for a tutorial?!

Listen by Beyonce
by: Jaz

Hi David,
I'm a big fan. It is with your tutorial that I was able to play My Immortal and If I Were A Boy. I really admire your manner of teaching. You make it less complicated and I really appreciate it. I was wondering if you can make a tutorial of the song Listen by Beyonce. Please :)
Thank you so much and I am looking forward to viewing more new tutorials from you. You are an inspiration, you know.

Dock of the Bay- Sara Bareilles version
by: Kayla

I love this site, it has so many great resources. :) the thing is, I have a senior solo coming up in may and I'd really love to do Dock of the Bay, but it is impossible to find sheet music or a tutorial for the cover that Sara Bareilles did. If you guys could help me out at all, I'd be incredibly grateful.
Thanks guys, keep up the good work! :)

Laura Izibor sheet music
by: Anonymous

Hello David:

I have been looking for piano sheet music of Laura Izibor's Mmm and From my Heart to Yours. I was wondering if you could create a sheet of her songs.

R. M.

Tori Amos - Smells like teen spirit
by: Anonymous

Hi David,

Thank you for the amazing job you are doing.
I will be glad if you can add a piano tutorial of
the song Smells like teen spirit covered by Tori Amos.



country roads
by: p.j.

please show how take me home country roads is played on keyboard

Air Supply- Without You
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where I can find the violin or piano sheets to Air Supply's Without You?

Piano Files
by: Kathy

If you're looking for free piano sheet music go to piano files.

I love the material "Piano Play It" has to offer. It's great for beginners like me and the sheets are supported with great tips like correct fingerings all over the place.

You can see how the purpose behind those sheets is to help us play them. However, if I'm looking for something that I can't find in here I go to piano files.

What's so wonderful in this website is that it is todally free.
You can register easily, no fee charged and you start sharing and getting your piano sheets online.
It is all explained in there very clearly

Once you're registered you can starting looking for any piece you want from another user who has it and wants to share it with you.
These users can check if you're willing to share pieces as well so make sure that you have also something to share with them. Submit a piano sheet in you profile.
This is realy the most promising way to get what you want and anything you want.

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Anthony Hassen Cohen from France

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