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Practicing Scales Routine

(Provo, Utah, USA)

I have been practicing scales by moving my fingers like you showed for piano scales.

You say to practice 5 minutes a day, how do you tie this in with the scales? In other words do I practice each scale every day with all the movements or how do I go about it?


Could you tell me how much time I have to spend with playing piano exercises in a practice?

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Why do we need 12 different scales?

Could you please explain why is it necessary to learn the scales in all the 12 Keys?

And how songs are composed using these scales?


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Moving my Fingers and Hands Around Quickly to the Chords or Keys

by Donna

Hi, My name is Donna and i've been teaching myself how to play the keyboard for about 2years or so.

To explain what I know so far: Some chords and their inversions and scales. I can play a couple of songs that were taught to me, like "I'll Rise Again" and "Because of who You Are". I'm not good at them yet, but with lots of practice and Gods help; I think I can do it.

My biggest problem is moving my fingers and hands around quickly to the chords or keys and the timing change.

When I first started teaching myself, by internet lessons and DVDs, I was playing the chords in my left hand and melody notes in my right. As I see other lessons or my pastor was teaching me how to play it vis-versa. Is there any particular way to play the chords or melody in which hand?

One thing I know for sure is that you got to practice, practice, practice. It's gonna take time and I'm 45 years old and wanted to learn when to play when I join the church that I attend now.

If I never get a chance to play in front of an audience at least I can play what I know for the lord and myself. So, if anyone have any suggestions please fill feel to share.


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Correct Fingering For Natural Minor Scales

by Danny

Hi David,

Can you please tell me what is the correct fingering for natural minor scales?

I can play ALL 12 major scales with all the correct fingering,

I then used this same fingering for the natural scales BUT I have been looking on various sites youtube google etc etc and other 'pianists' are using a differing fingering system to mine for natural minor scales??

Its leaving me 'confused' on the fingering, Or should I go with what feels 'comfortable' to me?

The only reason I ask this is because I would want/like to learn the correct fingering as It'll be easier when playing with chords melody etc etc

Please reply when you can

Thanks again & Keep up the GREAT WORK BRO!!!!!!

Danny :-)

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The Musical Modes

by Taoufik

Hello david

I just want to understand one thing

Modes, are they like scales? or we just jump to them and we go back to the original scale???

For example when we say this song is played in dorian mode, is this mean that the all song is played in this mode or it was played in the natural major scale and we just jump to dorian mode and we will go back again to the natural scale??

And sorry for my bad english

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A minor blues scale

I found the A minor blues scale no different from the C major blues scale, just in A instead of in C. Did I overlook something?

(besides that - thanks for the very clear blues scale video).

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