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Moving my Fingers and Hands Around Quickly to the Chords or Keys
by: Ido from www.piano-play-it.com

Hi Donna,

When you accompany a song by chords, the easiest and most efficient manner is to play the bass with the left hand and the notes of the chord with the right one.

For example, the D chord:
Which are the notes of the D chord?
D, F#, A.
What is the bass note of the D chord?
So, you play D with the left hand and D, F#, A with the right one.
At the beginning it is not easy to play all of the notes together with the right hand, but after practicing it will get easier.

Let's take another example - G/D.
This is a slash chord. The chord is G, while the bass is D.
It means that you play a G chord with the right hand (the notes are G, B, D), and you play the D note with the left hand.

If you are playing in this manner, you don't need long fingers for that. Read our chord section to learn more. You will find there excellent explanations for the beginner.

Don't hesitate to ask further questions,

Ido from www.pianoplayit.com

by: Donna

I did not no that you had responded to my page, I am very very sorry. That is why it took me so long to respond.

O.k. I am gonna try to play these chords and I will let you know how it goes.

Question: I have tried to play some progression chords, but my hand and fingers are not long enough to reach all the chords, how do I do this? for example G/D F/C D F B-FLAT.
I don't no which ones are the single notes and which are chords and which hand to play them. When it comes to this, I get confused.
There are a couple of songs that I would really like to learn like: (I'll Rise again)(God is my everything)(Because of who you are). There are more, but these are a few. When you get a chance no rush. I can play them a little, but maybe u can give me some pointers.

Practicing chords progression
by: Ido from www.piano-play-it.com

Hi Donna,

I must say that you have touched my heart when you said that you would like to play in your church. Music helps my spirit and makes me feel close to G-d.

It can take years before you will be able to perform a whole concert. However, if I can help you play just one song at your church I will be more that happy. Please, send me a list of songs and I will try to choose one and arrange it especially for you.
After practicing playing, I am sure you will be able to ask to play it in your church, and. fulfill your dream...

You can find here a free collection of Christmas piano sheets and a free collection of Christian piano sheets.

Now, I'd like to refer to the first issue that you have mentioned. You are absolutely right when you say that practicing is necessary.
However, one has to know how to practice.
Your biggest problem is familiar to me as a piano teacher. It is not easy at all to move between chords within the right timing. There are so many keys that you have to play in such a short time...
You have probably noticed that there are some chords which are more difficult for you to play and on the other hand there are easier ones.
The right method is to take a short progression of chords which is more difficult for you and focus only on this progression.

Let' take an example which demonstrates what I'm talking about:

Here is a sequence of chords:


Let's say that you manage to play well except this part - Bb/Gm/Eb/Eo/F.

How do you improve playing it?

First you have to identify exactly where the problem is. Let's say there are two problematic places Bb->Gm. Eo->F.

What should you do now?

You should take just one of them and work on it for several minutes by playing it in some variations:
1. Bb/Bb/Gm/Gm
2. Bb/ Gm
3. Bb/Bb/ Bb/ Bb/Gm/Gm/Gm/Gm

You should play it also backwards:

1. Gm/Gm/ Bb/Bb
2. Gm/ Bb
3. Gm/Gm/Gm/Gm/Bb/Bb/ Bb/ Bb

You see? I took just two chords and worked on the progression inside out. . It requires a lot of patience, but believe me, this is the right way to play it fluently.

This method will help you to achieve good results faster also when you play totally different chords.
It is quite a sisyphean training method but believe me, it works.

Don't hesitate to send me a list of songs and I'll do my best to rearrange one of them for you. Don't worry; I won?t ask money for this, it is my wish to help you with your spiritual and musical life.

Ido from www.piano-play-it.com

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