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How to deal with frustration while practicing piano!

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Wondering how to deal with frustration while practicing piano?

I just finished giving a piano lesson to one of my students, Jonathan, who experienced frustration in the lesson.
I tried to teach him how to play a groove in 6/8 and he had difficulties with the off beats.

He then lost confidence and experienced a black out.
I asked him, are you feeling insecure?
And I saw tears in his eyes.
At that moment I was filled with empathy towards his situation and he felt it.
It brought a connection of compassion between us.
Sometimes I think this is what the highest purpose of a piano teacher is all about, to be present with the student on his way and to walk with his train of thoughts and emotions,
and I realized I had to show hime how to deal frustration while practicing the piano.

I asked Jonathan if he would like to continue working on the groove, knowing that he has my support and trust. I saw this is what he needed and he confirmed it.
And I thought about how ashamed we are sometimes when we try something new and we fail. It brings that character in us that believe we are unworthy.
So I would like to tell my students right now that I think you are worthy, that you're born worthy!
Yes, we are been given with the present of love just because we exist, not because of our achievements!

I don't care if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced players;
I just love your decision to follow your heart, play music so you and other people would enjoy this, your desire for togetherness, for creating beauty!
I think you're true rebels to take the time to do something you really love for yourself! This is wonderful!

Now as for Jonathan, I decided to simplify the groove I gave him because I felt the need for him to have feeling of success but yet, inside of me I know that if he knew deep down there is no limit on how long it takes before he's expected to succeed and that he can take his time to relax, work slowly and patiently, observing his fingers, reactions, counting the rhythm aloud and accurately and then it will happen in the right time. And if not today tomorrow, or next month or next year!
We are so often driven to supply results and I would like to encourage my students to fall in love with the process. The journey is the destination!
Enjoy every little step; enjoy slowing your heartbeats and taking the time to be playful :)
It's not for nothing you PLAY the piano...
Trust it and it shall come :)

So I send a message of love, a call for patience, give yourself a hug for being brave enough to enjoy music and life
and I'll continue to do my best to simplify things for you so you can learn how to make the magic of music alive.
Please write to me and let me know how this makes you feel my friends!

And please remember that when you have questions you're not alone...
You're welcome to ask questions in our Facebook Group and me or other students will be happy to answer those questions and you're invited to contact us via mail for support!

And if you really look for some close guidance don't hesitate to join the membership site where we give thorough piano lessons providing close support to all our students!
Looking forward to seeing you shining while making great music :)

I hope this give you an inspiration on how to deal with frustration while practicing piano :)

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