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How to Produce Different Dynamics on the Piano?

In the previous lesson we talked about a few general dynamic signs: Forte, Piano,Fortissimo,Pianissimo, Mezzo Forte and Mezzo Piano.

Let's play a few piano exercises in this piano lesson that will help us to play these music dynamics signs in a gentle and convincing manner.

An E.D (Every Day) Exercise for the Different Dynamic Signs

We'll place the first finger of our right had on middle C, the second finger on D and so on respectively in this exercise like we will do in most E.D exercises .

What we're going to do is walk in steps up and down while producing the different dynamic signs.

Every E.D exercise should be first practised in four steps:
1. Playing only with the right hand
2.Playing with the the left hand
3. Playing in counter movement (both thumbs should be placed on middle C while we move with the same fingers in the opposite directions)
4. Playing with parallel movement.

When you practice the exercise in the parallel movement, place the first finger of the right hand on middle C and the fifth finger of the left hand on the lower C.

The hands are supposed to play the same notes when moving in the same direction but you'll be pressing different fingers in each hand.

Music Forte and Piano Exercise

Start with falling fast with the first finger of the right hand in order to produce a forte sound. Use the whole arm while you fall in order to produce more volume.
Make sure you release the hand once you fell to the key.
Remember, there is no use to hold hand in tension since you can't control the volume once you fell to the piano key.
Try to produce forte and legato together afterwards.
Instead of activating the weight of the whole arm, try this time to let only your fingers fall to the key while you keep your wrist on the correct position (with out activating any tension).

Perform the exercise with your left hand at the same way, then do it in the counter movement and the parallel movement.

Now try to repeat the whole exercise, buy instead of playing music Forte, fall slowly to the key this time in order to produce a soft piano sound.
Try to sink into the piano key instead of dropping to it quickly .
Remember to keep on a descent level of volume even when you play piano so that other listeners could hear you as well.

Music Forte in one hand and Piano in the Other

When playing piano you have to often divide your attention between both hands.
The right hand often plays the melody while the left hand accompanies. The melody has to naturally be stronger then the accompaniment.
Try to perform the same E.D exercise but this time play music forte in the right hand and piano in the left hand as you ascend from C to G.
So the right hand should be falling to the key faster then the left hand which has to sink to the key more slowly.
Switch directions when descending from G to C. This time let the left hand play forte while you sink with the right hand more slowly in order to produce piano at the same time.

Beat that and you're on the way to become a master of piano playing.

Now that we covered the basic music dynamics signs I'd like us to learn to read and play sudden and gradual music dynamic changes.

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