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Every piano player and lover has a different point of view on this broad world of piano whether it's piano playing or just listening to piano music.

I created Piano Play It with the help of Ido in order to help our visitors know more about piano playing but YOU can help as well!

Share your piano information with us. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped thousands of people.
You can also take pleasure in knowing that your submission has the potential to be viewed by thousands and thousands of people,
and get the credit for your submission.

What can you share?

  • Share your Piano Pictures
  • Tell us a good Piano Story
  • Piano or Music Jokes are more than welcome :)
  • Infrom us with interesting or/and fun piano facts
  • We all could use Hints and How-To's
  • Have you been to an amazing Piano Concert? Did you read a useful piano related book?
        Share Reviews of Concerts, Pianos, CDs, Sheet Music and Books with us!
  • Do you have another great piano idea?

    Submission Tips and Guidelines

  • Submit BOTH IDEAS AND PHOTOS. Try writing up a complete theme.

  • You can enter as many piano submissions as you wish.

  • When you write the piano related review, just let them flow without worrying about editing them. The more info you share, the easier it'll be for others to enjoy and find inspiration from your story.

  • Photos bring your piano story or article to life and add a personal flavor to this world of cyber anonymity. Send as many photos as you'd like - but make sure you choose the most best fitting photos.

  • Also send us a photo of your piano. We're trying to create the biggest piano gallery here in the net!

  • If you have a short video clip of you playing a piece for example and you think that it'll in some way help get your ideas across, send over a link to the video on YouTube (for example...)

  • Each file you send is limited to 1MB.

  • Each photo must be original - yours, a family member's, your piano teacher etc...

  • Piano articles must be written in your own words and not copied from any other source.

  • You can write up your piano story in a Word Doc and attach it to the submission form.

    Sending more than one photo: The form below enables you to upload only one piano picture. Make sure you send the very best photo with the form. However, if you feel that your piano or piano related tale deserves more than just one picture you can send us up to three more photos to pianoplayit[at]gmail.com. Remeber to include your name and any other additional information that'll help us.

    By submitting your photos and writeups you grant Piano-Play-It.Com permission to republish, alter and create derivatives in any and all media whatsoever.

    If the form does not function please send your piano tale along with the photos attached to email:


    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    Hello! I have just purchased my 1st piano to get started on the road to a lifetime of musical satisfaction! It is a Morley (London) baby …

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    Hello. I'm Julia. I like to come to this site and learn songs because it amazes my friends. I am only 12 and i have learned so much from this site. Thanks …

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    my piano makes the soul heard

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    site of rare and unique Pianos, Early pianoforte, harps! http://www.palacepianos.com

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    "Your entire site is simply fantastic. I really loved it. Now I am learning the basics of piano by myself, with your really great help. Thank you very much!"

    Jaime C. from Brazil

    "I only started to play about six weeks ago but the last hour of watching your videos about chord progressions has been something of a revelation. You're brilliant!!!!"

    Stephen Roberts from U.S.A

    "I'm a beginning keyboard player and your video's are an excellent guide. You're absolute not in a hurry, and take time to explain. I'm sure I'll follow all your lessons to get the hang of playing the piano/keyboard!"

    Wouter E. from the Netherlands

    "Thanks for all your work ( tuto and others ). You're doing a really great job, You're the best internet teacher I know."

    Anthony Hassen Cohen from France

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