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by: |Tim

Hi, I've learnt all of this now (from David's tutorial & the music sheet), and am working on trying to play it right! I'm trying to get my right thumb working under the hand for part III. I think I need a better piano before I make a video. Regards, Timmy.

by: Tim

I think the 16th rests are important. At this point the left hand works towards the right, whereas later it works away. I play the rythm better when I think about the 16th rests.

by: sjdkld3432

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by: Tim Byrne

still needs lots of practice

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by: Tim Byrne

I know why I was palying it so horribly inconsistently now - my left forefinger needs to go between thed black keys for the arpegios or it all goes wrong! Thanks for your comment, it showed me the inconsistency in the rythm. Now I just need to practice this for about ten years!!!! By the way I like the new page header, very classy and professional, all the best ... Tim.

Thanks Ido
by: Tim byrne

Thanks for the comment Ido. Your site is great. It's taken me from sticking letters on the keys to playing in Eb now. I particularly like the way you give the sheet music to go with the tutorials. This means I learn about the music, backed up by David's excellent tutorials. I've been doing lots of scaling exercises lately up and down the octaves, which has got me playing better since this video. When I play fur Elise now I get my left thumb much squarer, and this gets my arms and hands working in that rythmical way. I'm learning Your song now (form Ruth Searle because I found her video first), and now I can find all those Eb chords without straining. I'll upload a video when I've practised a bit. I'm stuck with bad mobile phone videos because my camera's broken and I'm broke. However I'll try to get the picture the right way round next time. Once again, your site has put some joy in my life learning to make music, thanks ... Tim.

Timmy's Fur Elise Pt I
by: Ido from www.piano-play-it.com

Hi Timmy,

I love your video although I amost broke my neck while watching it...

You play the whole of part 1 of Fur Elise correctly without any mistakes. This is fantastic!

I could see that you were pressing the pedal in the right time, and that's very well. However, you may hold it down a little more - until the left hand ends playing all three notes each time.

It seems you are playing fluently, but, if I may, I would like to say a few words about the rhythm. The right hand begins with the correct rhythm but then the left hand plays in a different rhythm.
I would like to give you the following advice:
1. Listen to the composition several times. You can learn from the free tutorial. This will help you to feel the right way of the rhythm.
2. Use a metronome (you may have one in your keyboard). How? Adjust it to somewhere around 144. Then, each of the notes that you play should fall on a beat of the metronome. It is not easy, so first try just the first phrase of the right hand and the left hand in a sequence.
This will help to stabilize your rhythm and make it more accurate.

One more thing... I was really satisfied that you have performed the repeat signs. Many of my students forget perform them, but you are a really good student!

Keep up with the good work,

Ido from www.piano-play-it.com

Fur Elise
by: Gerald

I have not played this piece of music in a very long time but I remember that the Fair Elise is a river with a flow of around four knots, lots of rounded pebbles and trout, some white water around the shallows on the bends.
You should keep this in mind and try to play it in a smooth flowing manner linking the Bass line into the Treble without a break.
As you approach the last two pages your mood should change the speed increases as you approach the Weir and you should get some turbulance and variation in the tempo up to Six knots on the last lap as it moves up one octave.Gerald

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