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Yamaha has produced the Tyros series as the ultimate workstation.

If you have spent time with keyboards, you probably know that some of the built-in voices sound authentic and some don't.

Yamaha Tyros3 Complexity

Tyros3 Since the first day when I started making music with keyboards I was never completely satisfied with the sounds of the trumpets. Several times I was asked, as an accompanist in gigs, to add a line of a trumpet. I just couldn't do it because of the artificial sound that came out from the keyboards I had at the time.

The Yamaha Tyros is the first keyboard from Yamaha that includes a special technology called Mega Voice.

First, click play, and you'll hear how authentic the sounds are.

Did you hear the trumpet? It sounds like a real one!

What exactly is Mega Voice?

When you use a specific sound on a keyboard, let's say a guitar for example, you actually play a sampled sound that was recorded by a real guitar. The problem in most keyboards is that the recording is too clean. An acoustic guitar produces other sounds from the pitch - the noise of the pick, dead notes, etc. In acoustic pianos you can even hear the "noise" of the hammer banging the strings. Woodwind instruments make many types of noises including - the noise of the wind (like a whisper), the noise of the keys clapping the body of the instrument, and more.

Yamaha Mega Voice technology provides all of the above "noises" and more effects which exist when you play an acoustic instrument. This makes your music warm, human and authentic.

Super Articulation voices

In the older version - the Yamaha Tyros 2, Yamaha introduced the Super Articulation voices. Tyros 3 comes with Super Articulation II which is a more advanced tool.

In order to understand this tool I'll go back to the trumpet sound that I like so much in the Yamaha Tyros 3. A professional trumpet player can play the same note (pitch) in many different ways (articulations) - staccato, legato, various types of accents, vibrato etc. Each of these articulations is a totally different expression causing a unique sound.

This is one of the great challenges of the engineers - creating unique sounds for each of the articulations while making it sound like an acoustic instrument. I must say that in the Yamaha Tyros 3 this is certainly true.

Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

This professional tool is actually a Mixing Console which allows you to mix your arrangements, playbacks, compositions or any other music you have on-board. You can mix each of the 16 tracks professionally by using dozens of effects. This helps you to achieve the desirable sound of each of the voices and of course obtain the overall sound. Several years ago musicians used to compose their songs and give their work to a sound engineer to improve the total sound. I wouldn't say that today every musician can do it, but with the DSP you can achieve professional results and then just give it to the sound engineer for fine tuning.

In this picture you can see the complexity of the Tyros 3

Yamaha Tyros3 Complexity


Easy Record feature

In many keyboards recording your music is not an easy task at all. The Yamaha Tyros comes with the Easy Record feature which makes things a lot simpler. With this function you can instantly record fully arranged songs with accompaniment styles. Simply press Record, then perform your song and then Stop. That is very handy for the average user.

Song creator

If you want to create a song from scratch, with Yamaha Tyros the sky is the limit. You can create your own accompaniment style or use the built-in styles. You can create your chord sequence by using a handy tool - Chord Step Record songs.

After recording you can edit your music by - correcting wrong notes, correcting timing, changing the voices and adding effects. The 16 tracks allow you to create unlimited possibilities such as a big band ensemble, ethnic ensemble and even a full orchestra sound.

The big LCD display screen helps you a lot to operate the Tyros keyboards.

Yamaha Tyros LCD


The Yamaha-Tyros has a built-in USB connection which allows exchanging data between the keyboard and the computer. You can save songs on your computer, can transfer data from your computer and use the advanced tools of the Tyros for arranging your music. You can even get control of the keyboard features from your computer. It is very handy and convenient.

Internet Direct Connection (IDC) - This is a LAN connection in which you get a direct approach to the internet. It allows you to connect to Yamaha's online music portals which let you -
  • Download different song styles and instrument voices.
  • Upgrade the keyboard.
  • Download sheet music, song books and software.

    It is much more convenient having direct access to the internet instead of using the computer as a gateway.

    Pitch bend

    Yamaha Tyros Pitch Bend

    There are two wheels on the left side of the Tyros keyboard. What do they do?

    Probably you have heard solos which are played by guitarists. They love bending the notes by slightly moving the finger on the fret while the string is pressed. The pitch bend wheel is a special feature which allows you to get the same effect like the guitar. Brass instruments in big bands also use this effect (bending the note) often, so with the authentic sounds in the Yamaha Tyros you can achieve the best result.

    The second wheel is for mainly for modulation but it allows you other cool effects too.


    As of today you can find the Tyros 3 in stores for $4,700. Quite expensive, isn't it? The reason for this is the advanced technology which makes the difference between a good keyboard and a professional one. The points that I have discussed above, such as the Mega Voice, Super Articulation etc. are the last word. Of course, each newer model that is released has better technology and therefore is more expensive.

    Generally, prices in music stores are more expensive than stores on the internet because they have additional expenses. I have seen the Tyros 3 shown at $ 5,400! In this case I would definitely recommend you to buy the keyboard on the internet. You should check the price, delivery, service and of course the guarantee.

    I have found a reliable store that holds the Yamaha Tyros and many other instruments at reasonable prices.

    And here's where you can buy the Yamaha L7S Tyros Workstation Stand.

    If you have encountered another store with good prices and good service, please let us know.

    To summarize, as written above, the Yamaha Tyros is the ultimate workstation. It is one of the best keyboard workstations in the world. It is an extremely professional keyboard which allows you to create all kinds of music- Ethnic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Samba, Classical, etc. As I said - all kinds of music.

    There are more features in Tyros keyboards that were not discussed above. If you want to learn more about this keyboard click here.

    There is one thing you should remember, the Tyros 3 is not instead of a piano. Click here if you are interested in a keyboard that will serve as a digital piano.

    Anyway, if your interest is in composing, arranging, and even performing it is an excellent instrument.

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