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How I combine singing and playing the piano?
by: David from www.piano-play-it.com

This is a really fair question. I completely undertstand your difficulty.

I'll post a few tips in here and later on I'll a piano tutorial on how to sing and play chords while singing.

You have to divide your energy to many elements:
Singing the right notes with the right text, knowing the correct chords and be fluent at playing the rhythm.

Practice each of these elements alone to begin with.

Studing the Melody and the Text

Just put the song on the whole day through and listen to it carefully until you have it in your blood.

Make sure you're singing in tune. Record yourself while playing the song.

Make sure you're singing in the Correct Key.
If you sing too low or too high you'll have to spend more energy on this element which will disturb you to provide enough energy to playing the chords.

So, basically you have to know the melody and the text out of your head and heart. Feel safe about singing at each and every point of the song.

Playing the Harmony

First play the song in block chords. One chord for each four counts (or two counts if there are two chord in a song...)

Make sure you can play the chords by heart and that it doesn't cost you energy to switch from one chord to the other. Be secure about the chord inversions you're using. Do not perform unneccesary jumps.

Sing the song while playing block chords and make sure what word you have to sing at the beginning of each bar.

You have to create a connection between the melody and the chord in your mind.

Work slowly, and practice one line at a time.
Sometimes a musical line enters after the first beat so listen carefully.

Working it our with the groove

Sometimes it's hard enough to practice the groove alone since it demands a great coordination between the right hand and the left.

So study the groove alone and COUNT
You must know where you are at any given point of the song qua rhythm.

If you're new at playing and singing choose a simple pop songs like Imagine or Let It Be to practice with before you go to the more difficult songs.

In these tutorials the groove is clearly stating the beats in the Right Hand so it gives you a clear direction of where you are in the song.

Now combine singing with that. Practice again one line at a time.
Work very slowly and try to see what you play when singing each vowel in the melody.

Playing and Singing together has to do with thinking the most efficient thought about which movement to make at any given time.

Analyze which hand has to play what when you're singing a certain note, then work on combining the movements from one note to the other you're on your way to success.

Hope you found this artice useful, If you have further questions let me know A.J

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