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In this page (which is a crucial part of both our piano courses) I will draw a piano keyboard template that will show you where each keys is located on the piano along with it name.

But first I'd like to point at the directions of the piano so that you'll understand what I mean when I say: "Go higher or lower on the piano."

So, you want me to layout piano keys for you?


Directions on the keyboard

Going up on the keyboard
means we are playing higher and thinner sounds.

When we go down
the sound gets deeper and lower.

Remember these directions as we continue in our piano lesson.
From now on we will name them so.

How to Tell One Key from the Other?

When you layout piano keys one after the other, can you see a pattern in the way the keyboard is organized?

Keyboard layout
layout piano keys. The division of the black keys to groups of two's and three's

Now if you look at the keyboard you'll notice there are black keys and white keys.
The black keys are divided to groups of 2's and 3's.

This pattern helps us to orient ourselves on the keyboard.

We name the keys after the first seven letters of the alphabet.
The key lettters names on the piano keyboard

Try to call out the letter from A to G as fast as possible. Now try to do the same but backwards. Harder, right? :)
This is a funny exercise to do and will help you to realize faster where you're at on the piano.

A is the lowest white key on the piano.
The other keys are named respectively after that first A.

It's easy to spot the white keys by the black ones.
Look at the images. This layout piano keys shows you where a specific key is located.

"This printable piano keyboard template was
the ultimate answer for my needs. You really layout piano keys for me!"

Click here if you haven't signed to Piano Playground, our free E-zine yet. Make sure you do that in order to get the username and password codes for the printable layout of piano keys I provide here under.

A printable layout of piano keys
This is a Printable Piano Key Chart. Click here to view it.

Exaplaining piano keys to Noam

Try to find all the C keys on the piano. There are 8 of them. (Maybe less if you have a keyboard or a smaller instrument).

Middle C

Let me continue to layout piano keys for you. The C key, which is located nearest the middle of the piano (under the brand name of the piano) is called "middle C". You can see it here in the image next to its fellow keys.

How to find Middle C on the piano

Play an orientation game to get familiar with the piano keys. Press on a key blindly, open your eyes and try to figure out as fast as possible which key you're playing.

Done with this Layout Piano Keys Page? Perfect.

This is me telling you that you did a great job!

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