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Until today we have been playing musical pieceso that dealed with the white keys, but if you played a few songs on different places on the as I suggested to do in the Play Piano By Ear section you probably realized that you also have to press the black keys in order to get the melody right.

Later on we will discuss why this happens but first let's name the black keys.

"Are we not formed, as notes of music are, for one another, though dissimilar"? ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

The sharp sign This is the sharp sign.

When you see a sharp next to a note it means we have to play the next key to the right whether it's a black key or a white key.

The Sharp Sign

The next musical piece, Symphony in D minor by Cesar Franck has a G sharp in the opening theme.

The Symphony in D minor by Cesar Franck has a G sharp in the melody of the openning theme.

Order of sharpsAll the Sharps are notated and shown in a logical order in this next image.

Later on we're going to see that sometimes a sharp sign is stated in the key signature.
If a sharp sign is not stated in the key signature but only on a certain place in a musical pieces it is called Accidental

When a sharp (#) note appears before a note, it applies to that note for the rest of the measure. Look at how "Ode to joy" could be notated for example...

You only need to state the first sharp out of two in the same measure.

A demonstration of a piece played in G major, having F# in the key signature 
(so you gotta play F# throughout).

Sometimes, a piece will have a certain pitch sharped throughout.
Musical scales are a formula of whole notes and half notes.

A piece will have a sharp sign throughout because it is written in a certain musical scale that involves that raised note as a part of its formula.
We're going to discuss musical scales later on in our piano lessons, but for now, I'd like you to notice that that the sign of that sharped pitch would be indicated at the beginning of a piece, in the KEY SIGNATURE instead of placing a sharp before each and every note of these certain pitches.

Now let's play a few pieces with sharps and flats.

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Pieces with Sharps

Minuet in G by Bach Download Play
Lullaby by Brahms Download Play
Joy to the World Download Play

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