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I love it, cant play it?

by Mlingani
(South Africa)

I really love piano, I've spent quiet a lot of time listening to sonata's and all. I'm 15 by the way. Very eager to learn, very excited but as hard as I try I cant play the sheet music. It's driving me insane.

I have a tendency of memorizing the songs tune and going by that and disregarding the sheet music, the memorizing is the part that makes me angery, What to do please help.

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Knowing Everything About the Piano

by Jennifer
(United States)

How can I learn everything about the piano?
I'm 15 and I eager to know everything.

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How do I go to the next level?

by Fervanus
(St. Lucia)

I play the guitar and I moved on to keyboard.
I'm able to understand a few music concepts and apply it to the keyboard, but I find my self stucked.

I tried starting from scratch but I know alot of the things that are taught at the beginer's level, which puts me on another level. I would like to know What do I have to do to improve my piano playing skills, So that I could develop my own styles.

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How to progress with piano playing?

by Chuck
(Moody, Al, USA)

I am having a time trying to figure out the best way to progress without a live piano teacher. I have pretty much outgrown the self help instruction materials I have and do not know where to go from here?

Should I just continue playing anything and everything I like or should I have a more structured approach? Lately I have been working on Hannon excercises, and chords, moving them around and memorizing them, but where do I go from here. I tire of the simple stuff I have to play.

How should I practice from this point on? I don't expect to be a concert pianist, but I do want to play classical, Jazz, Blues, you name it, and do it as well as a professional. I have the time to practice; just don't know what would be most beneficial for me.


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Advancing on the lessons without basic knowledge adquired

by Adagio

Hi to all, Sorry if my English is not so good.

I begun piano leasson 3 years ago, 1 day per week, although I had to say that I never have so much time to practice (Maybe 2 hours a Week).
I love Piano, but sometimes it is so Fustrating because I do not enjoy it as much as I would like to.

The last piece I played was the Invention nÂș8 J.S.B and Now I am working on a Chopin Valse (Op. 34, No. 2), but I feel so insecure when I play and normally I get a bit stucked.

I never learned Harmony, or how to know the length of the notes. My teacher just gives me some comments when we work a piece...

Do you think that the problem is that I do not have a strong basic knowledge, so I do not feel comfortalble?

After I learn a piece If I leave it for a week I feel realy hard to play it again...

I would really apreciate your opinion.

Best Regards From Spain & Congratulations For Your Page!

Thanks, David!!!

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Will this make me a pro ?

by Taylor
(Stockton, California)

When I'm done practicing everything on this website will I be a pro right like I can play anything that I want?

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I'm having trouble with a song

by Sarah
(Huntsville, AL, USA)

Okay this probably isn't something you can really answer, but this has been bothering me for some time.

There's a song I really want to play and I have music for it and I've been practicing for more than two months ON ONE SONG and I can still barely play the first page at 1/12th of the speed it's supposed to be played at.

I don't want to give up but I feel like I have to. The worst part is half the people who I give the sheet music to can practically sight read it! ?!?!

I've been a piano student for six years!
Why can't I play this song?? At this point I don't even think more practice will help if I can't learn a single piece of music practicing every day for two months there's got to be something wrong beyond being able to play it.

I know what it's supposed to sound like, I even have it on my iPod but I can't play it at all. Is there anything I can do?

The word 'frustration' can not begin to describe how I feel. I'm still practicing it, but these thoughts just keep bothering me. I've gone through and methodically practiced it slowly, and even slower until I began to feel comfortable with the notes and then attempted to add dynamics and style etc, practicing it slowly and carefully so I could play it accurately. But if I attempt to play it a beat faster it falls apart. It is an improvement from not being able to play it at all, but still...two months? I'm getting the impression that something is just wrong here....

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Is playing by ear enough?

by Sem

I can play many songs, mostly the Korean songs. When I watch at the professional pianists at Youtube, the way I way just the same.

So, do I need to follow any class as my father wish. But, I can play by ear, I follow the tune. And I can't read sheet music. Can you tell me if I still have to follow any class or this level is also good for me?

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How can I get better at piano playing?

by Serah
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I've been having piano lessons for the past 4 or 5 years and ive still haven't got the hang of it. I really suck but I don't want to give up but my parents say that this is my last year of it because piano lessons are becoming to expensive and im not good at it? Can you help me?

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