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by Darla
(Bakersfield, CA)

Im interested in playing piano by ear more than learning how to read the sheet music is that okay or does one benefit you more than the other?

And I'm currently learning how to play all the chords, is there a lesson your recommend for me to take, so that i can learn how to play all the chords?

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Should I study piano theory or just play piano by ear?

by Melanie

I love playing the piano by ear. I never studied the notes bofore I saw your website and was being inroduced to piano thoery.

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge one has to know before he could play the piano but then I remember I could make music just by playing piano by ear.

What do you think? Should I bother studying piano theory (Which I'm frankly curious about but it often makes quite frustrated) or just stick to my ears.
My ears do pretty well. I can play most of the three chord songs in the piano chord section.

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Loosing the 'Musical Ear'. What Should I Do to Learn to Play Freely

by Iranga


When I was small, piano was my favorite instrument and I had the 'musical ear' where I used to listen to songs on radio and play that tune in a few minutes on the piano.

So my parents thought I needed a private tutor to tune me in, and so I began my classes when I was like 9 years old. Since then, I was thought from the first grade and I was able to pick up lessons quite quick, however I was trained to play from my 'examination book' which had a couple of songs in them.

We had to be thorough in playing them and finally we had to present it in front of an examiner. Like wise, all I was thought to do was play for exams and practiced the songs only from those books.

Now I have lost my creativity in playing the piano freely, and I felt it like a 'subject' to learn instead of playing the piano for the love of it.

I've passed till grade 6 of the piano levels now (when I was like 16 years old) , but now I feel like I am weak in playing the piano without looking at a book, and cannot play even a small tune with both hands from my own imagination.

I can cite-read well though and read musical notes very fast. But I just want to know how i can get back my imaginative talent back to play music from my ear, using both hands. How can I play a chord for a tune I play from the right hand? I need help badly.

I love playing the piano and I have been guided in the wrong way. I need to play the piano freely again.

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Pop vs. Classic

by Sandra

I love playing pop songs and prefer spending my time practicing on one of your tutorials instead of playing something from the classical repertoire.

People around tell me that I first have to learn how to play classical music before learnig how to play songs. What do you think?

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Learning Piano as an Adult

Any disadvantage of learning piano at a later age? I'm 25 but really want to learn piano.

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What's the Best Way to Start?

by Pablo

I'd like to have some ideas on the method that works more effectively while trying to learn how to play the piano.

I mean, there are people who do lots of exercises, others prefer to learn how to read properly, and focus on that; some say that it would be reasonable to start by playing easy songs, in order to feel yourself into the process.

I'm not in a hurry, so I don't mind taking a not-so-quick-and-easy path, as long as it proves itself useful in not letting me aquire bad habbits on the piano. In other words, I do not want a shortcut, but I'm learning at home, so I need a guideline.

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Playing Piano by Ear vs. Reading Piano Notes

I have just begun to learn the piano.

Some teachers emphasise that playing the piano by intervals is the way to go. Is playing by intervals better than playing by simply reading the note names?

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Teaching Blind People Piano

by Ineyda Velasquez
(Homestead, Florida, USA)

Have you ever thought of teaching on this site in a way that blind people can use it too? I am in a piano class, but my teacher isn't teaching us and is not that good at teaching either. I am getting frustrated with this situation. I want to go ahead and learn more, and I want to learn how to play lots of stuff, like Michael Jackson.

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Method for musically literate adult beginner

by Cécile
(Columbia, SC, USA)


I am enjoying your site and was reading the section on piano methods.
Do you have a particular recommendation for an adult beginner who is already musically literate, plays other instruments, knows quite a bit of theory and is teaching herself??

I have been using various online resources, collections from the local music shop and the Alfred Adult All in one book - the latter I find less satisfactory - so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help

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is it worth it?

by Aubrey

I love the piano, it's my favorite instrument, but I haven't taken lessons.
My parents think i'm too old to begin lessons (im 16)
What's your professional opinion?

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