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Accent - Accent Sign

When you see an ACCENT SIGN over or under a note, play that note louder. The Accent Sign is placed over or under a note which gets a special emphasis.

Accidental -

a sharp or flat which is not given in the key signature

Adagio - Slowly

Allegro - quickly, happily.

Andante - moving along (at walking speed)

A tempo - resume original speed

Crescendo Crescendo Sign

- gradually louder

De Capo al Fine (D.C al Fine) - this musical term means that you have to repeat from the beginning and play to the Fine (end).

Diminuendo Diminuendo Sign gradually softer

Dynamic Signs - signs that show how loud or soft to play.

Fine - the end

First Ending First Ending

- the measures under the bracket should be played the 1st time only.

Flat Sign Accent Sign

- lowers a note in half a step. Play the next key to the left.

Forte Forte Sign - loud

Half Step - the distance from one key to the very next one.

Harmonic Interval - the next musical term concerns the interval between two tones which are played at the same time.

Incomplete Measure - a measure at the beginning of a piece with fewer counts than shown in the time signature. The missing counts appear in the last measure.

Interval - the difference in pitch (highness or lowness) between two notes.

Key Signature - the number of sharps or flats in any key written at the beginning of a piece.

Legato - smoothly connected. Usually indicated by a slur over or under the notes.

Major Scale - a series of 8 notes made of two tetra chords joined by a whole step.

Melodic Interval - this musical term concerns the interval between two notes which are play separately.

Mezzo ForteMezzo Forte means moderately loud. - moderately loud

Moderato - moderately

Natural Sign Natural Sign - cancels a sharp or flat

Octave sign Octave Sign - when placed OVER notes, It means that you have to play a phrase octave (8 notes) higher then written.

Pedal Mark Pedal Mark - press the damper pedal, hold it, and release it.

Piano Piano means play soft. - soft

Repeat Signs Accent Sign repeat from the beginning

Repeat the measures between the double bars.

Ritardando(abbreviated retard. Or rit.) - gradually slowing.

Second ending Second Ending the measure under the bracket are played the 2nd time only.

Sharp Sign Sharp Sign raises a note in half a step. Play the next key to the right.

Staccato - separated or detached. Usually indicated by a dot over or under the note.

Tempo - rate of speed.

Tetra chord - The next musical term relates to four notes in an alphabetical order, that have a pattern of


Time signatures - numbers written at the beginning of a piece or section of a piece.
Different Time Signatures.
The top number shows the number of beats that should be counted in each measure.

The bottom number tells us what is the lengh of one beat.

Whole Step - two half steps. The distance between two keys with one key between.

Wow! We're done with the first level! I bet you're already curious what's in the second level.
It's time for some piano theory.
I'd like us to take a steps further and start to get to know some theoretical terms and develope our musical ear in a deeper level of understanding.

So in the next piano lesson we're going to dicuss the musical interval.

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